Sunday, November 7, 2010

Are You Peter Pan?

Are You Peter Pan?

Do you refuse to act your age? Do you still want to play around even if you are already old? Then you might just be Peter me.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Singing at The Top of My Lungs

Singing at The Top of My Lungs

Learn to not be afraid of criticisms. Live your life the way you want's yours after all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loser No More! Despicable Me CHECK

Ok. So I haven't watched a movie since Alice in Wonderland. What's the big deal? Well, apparently there have been plenty of GREAT movies that I missed. Sorry for not having extra money for movie houses with lots of noisy customers.

It is no secret that I HATE watching movies in public for the plain reason that I don't like noisy people when I watch. I prefer hearing the actors deliver their lines without having the guy in front of me narrate every single detail to his date as if she was deaf and blind at the same time.

In the rare chance that I did end up watching a movie, it was an animated flick. I was prepared for the worst; crying children, noisy parents, ringing cell phones, wannabe-narrators, the whole nine yards. But to my delight, it was as if my friends and I owned the movie house. Only a couple of other groups were present and they were actually quiet! To add to that, the movie was so funny! I was laughing more than the solitary child in the audience. Fine, the plot was predictable, and the animation was only average. What in lacked in those areas, they made up for with wit and humor. I just have to give it a two thumbs up! 4 stars! or whatever the hell reviewers rate movies.

With that, I leave you with the clip of the cutest girl in animation: Agnes.

Hotaru no Hikari Season 2

This series has been finished for quite some time now but since it was first uploaded on a streaming site that just plain SUCKED, I was only able to finish it yesterday.

Anyway, the new character played by Mukai Osamu is just made of WIN! I don't think I am biased here, I know he is my favorite actor and he is just so HOT, but I actually genuinely like his character; the "freeter" who eventually finds motivation to do a good job. The man whom you can ask for pieces of advice which you might actually follow. And the nice guy who doesn't force his feelings for the girl he loves.

True to "himono onna' (dried woman) fashion, Aho-miya is still the lazy lady with a hardworking attitude in the office. The humor is still there and Buchou is actually starting to open up. The sequel is definitely worth watching!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Imortal on ABS-CBN

Think Twilight meets Underworld with a few hints of Anne Rice's vampire chronicles. That is what I first thought of when I saw the first episode of Imortal. Now before my friends kill me and dispose of my body, I am not saying that Twilight is comparable to the aforementioned stories and/or movies. I'm just saying that the plot is a mixture of those stories.

Twilight, well because of the whole "vegetarian" vampire thing and producing a child between human and vampire who will be stronger than any other vampire.

Underworld because of the whole vampire-werewolf forbidden romance.

Vampire Chronicles, particularly Interview with the Vampire, because of the whole "maker is a vicious vampire while the newly turned vampire wants to be vegetarian" bit. Remember? Lestat is a very proud vampire while our dear Louis insists on feeding on rats and rabbits.

So far, I am not happy with the acting and the make up of the show. Really, they look too pasty and the vampires are sweating. WHAT? I haven't seen a vampire sweat before and I don't think they are supposed to sweat.

I must say though that the young John Lloyd there is so CUTE! Crush ko talga siya! I think Bugoy is his name...he's so cute!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I can't wait to watch this movie. Two of my most favorite harem boys actors come together for a heartwarming movie. Toma Ikuta and Osamu Mukai appear in this movie, but I guess Toma my dear is the lead guy here. I really can't wait to track down a subbed version of this movie.

In case you are like me whose brain sometimes sleeps in the gutter, it is not a yaoi or BL movie okies? It is about a heterosexual relationship...>.<

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remembering our Mentor

Our school might not have the best facilities, heck it may even look like a mental institution from the outside. But I had the best (and worst) experiences there that prepared me for the tough life in college.

In the past, I wasn't really proud of my school. I wasn't ashamed of it, but I didn't brag about it like the other members of my family who were from a famous school in Marikina. In fact most of them looked down on the school because it severely lacked the amenities that their schools had. Who could blame them? We didn't have a covered court, air-conditioned libraries, spacious fields, and what's left of the few trees in the campus were cut down because of termite infestation. But they didn't know the hell that we go through with academic requirements and extracurricular activities (that didn't seem optional) every year. From preschool to high school, nobody was spared. Daily lessons with pop quizzes, long tests with project deadlines, two theses (for 4th year HS), and plays, recitals, and whatnot on the side.

We had teachers who throw soldering projects from the second floor just to see if it holds and if it does, it means you cheated. We had no boundaries between girls and boys when it comes to projects and classes; girls learn about electronics with the boys and the boys learn to sew with the girls. We were taught equally without prejudice and special treatments. I guess this started my belief in equal opportunity (mind you, EQUAL not special treatments. NOT feminism).

Honestly, even when I was cursing the school for giving us "too much work" in our stay there I am quite thankful because it prepared me for college. I didn't have to adjust with the multiple deadlines and sleep-deprived school days. I learned how to multitask before my peers even heard of the word. Going to college seemed like a breeze because of the fundamentals and all the grinding we experienced in school.

Although my school is not as popular as the others surrounding it, it has produced well-mannered and capable individuals who are ready to face the hardships ahead. From the proper intonation of saying "good morning" to changing a florescent light to submitting perfect "plates" to writing a script, choreographing field demonstrations, cooking your own lunch, and properly addressing and thanking the canteen ladies and janitors. You taught us all these and more.

I might not have been the closest student to you. To be honest I was one of those kids who were hiding from you when you pass by. We feared that we will bleed ourselves dry just speaking to you. I know better now. I should've known better then.

So to the woman who made all these possible, I know you are resting in God's able hands. I'll take this opportunity to say this to you:

Goodbye and thank you, Mrs. Mallonga. Jesus. Loves. You.

This is a simple greeting taught to us by our mentors, gradually forgotten in our older years. But this best describes our respect and gratitude towards you. You can rest in peace knowing that we have imbibed the motto you instilled in all of us; do the right thing, at the right time, in the right place, with the right person and everything will turn our right.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Remember the days when everybody was wearing those ridiculous butterfly hair clips that seem to flutter when you move your head? Or the advent of the camera phones or the almighty iPod? Everybody just had to have them Classmates would come home to their parents wailing because they want one just like the popular kids at school.

I am proud to say that I am not one of those kids. I have never succumbed to peer pressure. I was the one who always kept to myself and didn't bother much with the fads. To this day, I have never owned any mac product and only owned second hand cellphones (aside from my SE W800i, which was a gift from my brother). I never really cared about what others think of me or if I will make friends. My belief is that if I would only make friends because of the stuff that I own, then I don't need those friends. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those people who live their lives without a care in the world. I still bother with ethics and those stuff (not in the context of religion though) .I don't push my beliefs to others, but I also don't let people tell me how to act. To each his own.

However in the past couple of weeks, my cousins have gotten jobs and I am left jobless. All my friends have their own careers (or are still studying) and I am left aimless. Having said that, I have gone on a frenzy...totally not good. I sent applications to various companies that I can't even remember. Totally not good.

Now I have permed hair. Which I actually kinda like.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

True Blood: Real Vampirism?

For years now, vampire stories and movies have been the source of cult followings and nighttime terrors. Well, that is before the shiny, twinkling, mushy vampires appeared. When I was little, I was able to watch vampire movies of old such as Blood for Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, Bram Stoker's Dracula (this gave me the most nightmares LOL), and Nosferatu (I didn't get nightmares from this, I couldn't sleep at all!) on tapes and VCDs. When Twilight was released and got so much POSITIVE reviews and fans, I thought the age when vampires were hot yet extremely dangerous were done. I was on the brink of mourning and despair.

I am happy and proud to say that the dangerously hot vampires are not yet dead. As shown in the picture, while Eric Northman is still angst-y and delicious, real vampires are back. I would put hearts in this post but I think vampires would vomit blood when they see it next to their names. LOL

Aside from True Blood, a more teen-friendly vampire-centric show is currently aired on ETC. Vampire Diaries is the mixture of twilight barf but with the edge of True Blood. PLUS Ian Somerhalder as the hot and dangerous vampire, Damon is such a great sight to behold.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fortunately, Boredom hasn't Killed me yet

Unemployed for almost 8months now. It's not like I haven't been looking for a job, it's just that the jobs that I like give me crappy reasons why they can't hire me or why I'm better suited else where. The most brilliant reason is "You might get bored with this job" and other variations. Believe it or not, it has been said to me not once, twice, but three times out of 5 interviews. One interviewer even said that I "look studious" and speak above average English so I can find a higher paying job. wtf?! When has speaking good English been a deterrent in finding a job? I don't know if I want to yell or laugh.

What makes me wonder is that why do they always say that I will be bored? Do I ooze boredom from my pores? Do I have a sign on my forehead warning them that I am bored? WHY!?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Korean Tsunami

The Korean "wave" has been steadily building up steam in the last couple of decades. From the influx of Korean migrants in the country to the proliferation of their yummy spicy food and of course, the invasion of their Korean drama series and pop music. So much so that I can no longer bear to call it a mere wave, but a tsunami.

I am afraid that after their drama series and movies infiltrated our local TV and movie industry, their next step is to take over our local music industry. I must confess that I watch their romantic comedy series like Full House, Princess Hours, Witch Yoo-hee, Coffee Prince, and so much more in the past. (The guys were so cute, I couldn't help myself LOL) But honestly, their stories were quite funny albeit dramatic at times and unrealistic. The point is most Pinoys prefer to watch K-dramas than local shows. (If you find Korean series overly dramatic, then watch Philippine dramas and see what DRAMA really is. LOL) As I type this blog, my mom and dad are watching a Korean period series whose title I cannot seem to remember. My dad barely allows us to watch a local drama without a cuss word escaping his mouth.

In recent Myx countdowns, there has never been a shortage of K-pop music while local acts barely make it to the top20. Unlike my lack of enthusiasm for local dramas, I LOVE OPM. I enjoy listening to local bands and their own compositions. Among my favorites are Urbandub, Rivermaya (Bamboo MaƱalac/Rico Blanco days LOL), Eraserheads, Sandwich, Kjwan, and many more. I am not fond of those Korean "bands" and their dance moves so I feel irritated that it's everywhere while local acts settle for leftovers. Don't get me wrong, I like a couple of their songs. But most of the time I tend to switch the channel to save my sanity. I am just sad that many local acts that are far better (in my opinion) are getting overshadowed by foreign acts. Don't even get me started with Korean-wannabes, ok? I might throw myself into the Pacific Ocean if they multiply in number.

I must concede to this, MANY of those Korean actors and singers are as cute as a button and hot as hell. LOL For that, I can look at their pictures.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Buwan ng Wika: Buwan ng Pinoy?

As you all know, I suck at writing in Filipino but I will try my best to use our native tongue so please bear with me. >.<

Pinoy ako. Kahit na sabihin pa ng mga kaibigan ko na mukha akong Koreano o Intsik, PINOY ako! Kahit na sabihin nilang baluktot ang tagalog ko at kapos sa bokabularyong tagalog, Pilipino ako. Hinding hindi ko ipagkakaila ang aking kultura at pagkakakilanlan kahit na pilit ibinabaon tayo sa lupa ng mga taong hindi tunay na nakakaunawa sa atin.

Nakakalungkot lang isipin na kung kailan natin ginugunita ang ating pambansang wika ay nataon naman ang magkasunod na pagbatikos sa ating kredibilidad, katalinuhan, at moralidad. Bago matapos ang buwan, "napahiya" tayo sa buong mundo dahil sa "palpak" daw na sagot ni Bb. Venus Raj sa Ms. Universe Pageant. Lalong nayurakan ang ating pagkatao nang mailathala sa buong mundo ang madugong eksena sa Quirino Grandstand. Hindi ko na ipagtatanggol ang nakakapanglumong insidente sa Quirino Grandstand dahil nasabi ko na ang gusto kong sabihin sa naunang blog post ko. Ngunit gusto ko lang sabihin na hindi ako isa sa mga taong nagmamarunong na "bobo" and sagot ng pambato natin sa patimpalak ng Ms. Universe. Ang sagot ni Bb. Venus Raj ay naiintindihan ko. kaya mo bang sabihin sa buong mundo kung ano ang pagkakamali mo? Kung tutuusin, "unethical" ang tanong na iyon. Huwag niyo na sanang tapakan ang ating kababayan, dahil sa huli tayo rin ang masasaktan.

Nakakapanghina lang na sa mga nakaraang insidente, ang daming pilipino ang yumuyurak sa ating kapwa. Sa totoo lang, gusto kong umiyak at pagtatadyakan ang mga taong walang pakundangang nilalait ang ating kapwa Pilipino. Kung ayaw niyong maging mababa ang tingin sa atin ng mga dayuhan, huwag niyo sanang siraan ang ating sarili. Siraan niyo ang isang pinoy sa internet, buong mundo ang magbabasa nito at malamang ay maniniwala sila dito. Hindi ko sinasabi na pagtakpan mo ang problema ng bansa natin, ngunit sana huwag naman tayong dumagdag sa mga mapanira. mahirap bang magsabi ng magagandang bagay tungkol sa ating bansa? Kung tutuusin, maraming magaganda tungkol sa Pilipinas. Pero binibigyang pansin ba ito ng mga tao? Hindi. Dahil mas naniniwala sila sa pananaw ng mga mapanirang banyaga na hindi kilala ang tunay na Pilipinas. Buksan niyo ang mga mata niyo sa ganda ng Pilipinas, huwag puro sa pangit. Mas madaling makita ang kagandahan ng ating bansa at ng mga tao dito kaysa suyurin ang mga kapangitan.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Manila Hostage Crisis: A Pinay's Reaction

Last Monday, a very ghastly crime occurred in one of the most historic locations in Manila. The Quirino grandstand where a lot of Presidents took their oath, where Filipinos commemorate the heroism of Dr. Jose Rizal (Rizal Park), was the site of what every Filipino would consider one of the biggest shame of the country. The hostage crisis took a grueling 11hours only to end in a bloodbath.

As much as I take pride in being a Filipino and no matter how much I try to sympathize and understand the Police force of the city of Manila, I still cannot disregard the fact that their response was reeking of inexperience and ill-preparation. It showed the glaring inability and lack of training of our police force to solve problematic situations such as this. I know that our country lacks the necessary equipment to solve many cases, but we should have compensated with better and more rigorous training.

At first, I was under the impression that the hostages were pretty calm; looking out the window without a sign of terror or pain. That was until the shooting began. It made me think that the hostage taker was calm and was talking to the hostages peacefully, explaining the situation (given the circumstances). Heck! He was waving at the crowd after he released some hostages.

This leads me to another point: he didn't seem hostile at first. He released the children and the elderly early perhaps to lessen the trauma. What triggered his anger, and perhaps made him snap, was the image of his brother being taken into custody after talking to him. I wish they just let the brother slip for the mean time then arrest him after the incident was resolved. if he was compromising the negotiation, then do not allow contact between him and the hostage taker.

There are many things that the police, government, and media could have done better. They should have worked together in solving the issue. I wish the media put aside their drive for increasing their ratings and filtered their video feeds. Those footage could've been shown to the public after the incident was solved. As much as President Aquino stresses that he stayed away to "unintervene" (is there even such a word?), he is the PRESIDENT of the Philippines and this is beyond local issues. This is a matter of foreign relations because tourists were involved. Matters of this magnitude should be of high priority. Giving 300,000 Pesos worth of caskets is unnecessary and trivial. They could have saved lives and face if he didn't insist on his "unintervetion." Don't even let me start on what the police should've done...there is not enough space and time.

It is understandable that the Chinese and Hong Kong nationals are livid but please do not cast stones on the normal citizens of this country. We are also in pain and shamed because of this matter. Do not make this a racial issue because we see those tourists as PEOPLE not just Chinese. We were raised as Catholics almost to a fault. We value life more than anything in this world.

It is a very unfortunate and tragic incident. Do not make it worse that it already is.


Shame on the people who posed in front of the bus as if it were part of a movie set! You have no tact and common sense of decency. You were even wearing your uniforms. I hope you shrivel in shame.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Movie Bum

My dad has been watching movies day in and day out ever since the citibank promo began. While he has watched every single film released I, on the other hand, have not watched a single one. The last film that I watched in the movie house was Alice in Wonderland. Yes, you read it correctly. it has been MONTHS since I last watched a movie. Prior to that I watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Needless to say, I am not a fan of watching movies in the cinema house. I just think that it's too much of a hassle to go out of the house and spend hundreds of pesos for a film that I won't be able to appreciate because of noisy people. My number one pet peeve when it comes to watching movies is when a person tries to act like s/he is part of the movie. The people who seems to feel like they are the narrator of the film as if their companion was blind and he has to relate every single detail to his companion and everyone near him. FYI we did not pay approximately 200pesos to hear you talk! I am a talkative person myself, but I do know when to shut up.

This is why I prefer downloading movies and watching it on my laptop. Not only do I have to luxury of silence, but I also control whether or not I fast track through boring scenes. LOL

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Heart

Dear Heart,

I know that I only refer to you as an organ that pumps blood throughout my body, but I need your help with something. Remember your mythical function that everybody raves and blabbers about all the time? Yeah, that one. Well, I've never been an emotional and I've never been big on the whole "love" concept therefore I don't subscribe to the notion of "romance." However, lately a couple of friends of mine have been "cheering" for me and a nonexistent love life.

Here's the thing, a guy I met at a party supposedly pestered our common friend for my number (but I think he just asked once, and my friend being the romantic, gave in). He started texting me, and under the orders to "be nice" I reply to his messages. I don't have anything against the guy but I also have no idea if we have anything in common for me to say that I like him. A friend of mine said that I was being too guarded, I should just go with my emotions. This is where you HAVE to meddle if what they say is true. It has been almost 4years since I last tried to use your supposed other function, and since then I haven't attempted to use it again. It was just too much of an effort to be worth it. I reckon it was because I was still "thinking" and not "feeling." This gives me the impression that you are not doing your end of the deal.

So, don't slack off! If you really have two functions, then perform your duties well! The heartburn and palpitation is also getting a bit annoying.



Friday, August 13, 2010

Where are All the Nice Guys?

A male cousin of mine posted a craigslist article with the title "Where are all the Nice Guys" on his wall on Facebook and "dedicated" it to "teases" and aptly tagged a couple of female friends.

The title of the article was quite catchy so I read it. Obviously the writer was male...and quite angry at women. He answered the question in a matter-of-fact manner as if it was as clear as a summer's day. What happened to the nice guys? Well WOMEN happened to them.

He pointed out that the guy who would spend time with us as a FRIEND and come over to watch a movie when we are lonely and too lazy to go out WAS the nice guy. The guy who would listen to us rant about how much of an asshole the guy we are dating was, WAS the nice guy that we were looking for. However since we were too busy dating assholes and bastards, we didn't have time to pay attention to the nice guy who provides us emotional support. In the end, that nice guy got fed up and decided to become one of those assholes who get laid.

In the end, it's still about one thing for this "recovering nice guy." It's still about getting the girl AND getting LAID. In the first place, if you were really interested in the girl, then why not tell her directly? Why not say "Hey, will you be interested in going out with me?" Being nice is great, but even if you act that way, if you do not make your intentions clear then there is nothing we can do about it. We might say "he's so sweet. I think I like him...but he only sees me as a friend. we're JUST friends." Another thing, when men act nice to women and the girl suddenly thinks that "he likes me" some people would see the woman as "assuming" and label her as "desperate."

So, if you are really one of those nice guys and you want to date or get in a relationship with a girl, be NICE and tell her your intentions. Do not keep us guessing then blame us for turning you into an asshole or for letting the "chance" of snatching a nice guy pass us by. There is no use in telling us you LIKED us but we just didn't catch on to your nice guy game.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Troubleshooting: Changing a Flat Tire

I don't know how to drive but I do know the principle of changing a flat tire. My dad has always been angry with my siblings for not knowing how to change a flat tire or even how to take care of their cars. He always says "takbo kayo ng takbo, hindi naman kayo marunong gumamit." He also adds that he is already tired of fixing their mess. This made me think about the past problems that my siblings and I faced that my father had to fix. Even if we were in the middle of the express way or back in school, he would rush to the site and fix the problem...he's not even a mechanic.

Not only in changing a flat tire, but also in our personal problems. He was always there to guide us and even battle "evil" school nurses who want to cut my nails. My father taught me how to
choose my battles, fight it on my own if I can, and ask for help when I can no longer handle it. He just doesn't want us to keep on running with flat tires.

In life and in changing a flat tire, you just have to remember that there are necessary tools to help us get by. What matters most is that we know how to use them. The jack is there to lift the tires from the dirty ground, the wrench to remove unwanted attachments, and the spare to help us to keep moving forward to our destination.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pinoy sa Puso't Diwa

Although I might not have the best grammar in my native tongue, I would still like to believe that I am a proud pinoy. Not 100% of the time, but most of my life I have never been ashamed of saying that I am a Filipino.

There have been a lot of misconceptions about Filipinos--Filipinas. One is that we are "easy" women; would do anything for a green card. This is perhaps one of the most revolting perception of foreigners about my countrymen. They go as far as to say that Pinays are "sex workers" who exchange sex for money or a chance to live in a foreign country.

Another infuriating notion is that Filipinos are ill-educated or worse, stupid. I really can't blame foreigners for thinking like this because our media portrays us as such. Movies, news, and even online articles are filled with negative comments about us. Our own kind, treating us as garbage. what is more painful is that some pinoys believe them. When in front of a foreigner, we lower our heads and accept their criticisms like they were facts.

Why can't we have more pride in ourselves, in our nation? The Philippines is a wonderful country gifted with beautiful natural resources and resourceful people. If only we could stop looking for an easy way out and find ways to sustain our growth and resources, we could be a powerful and rich nation. One that would be emulated (again) by neighboring countries and even across the seas.

Let's not leave everything up to chance and the government. We should be responsible for our own destiny; supporting and supported by the government.

Friday, July 23, 2010 A Poor Otaku's Friend

I have been reading manga for as long as I can remember. Sadly, it is not the cheapest and most available piece of reading in the Philippines. That is why I was so happy when I was acquainted with manga scanlations, or scans of translated manga posted online for FREE.

One of the first sites that I have frequented was OneManga. So imagine my shock and utter dismay when I found this note on my way to read the latest release of Naruto.

Due to some problem with publishers, OneManga has opted to close down until further notice. I hope that someday soon, they will re-open. It has been a great pleasure to visit it every so often to get my daily manga fix. It was very useful when I didn't know what to read next because of their random selection button. I have been in some trouble because of that though (LOL labels like "not safe for office" should be indicated).

Farewell you will be missed by this poor otaku.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Typhoon Basyang and the "Plight" of the People

Typhoon Basyang was a certain surprise for most Filipinos. A couple of days after being told that there were no signs of a typhoon hitting our shores in the next few weeks, viola! classes were suspended and worse, no electricity. Unlike most of my countrymen, I HATE pointing fingers. Why in God's name do we always have to look for someone to blame? It's a natural calamity! Can't you even remember a basic lecture in our grade school class? Typhoons are named after women because of their erratic behavior. It's really not easy to predict where, when, and how strong it will hit us. I know there are apparatus to help us with this matter, but no matter how advanced our technology is, it will not stop the typhoon from hitting us hard.

Let's say they have predicted a typhoon's strength and direction, will it help strengthen our roof or our infrastructures? Will it prevent power outages and floods? NO. The storm signal was raised in some areas, while other neighboring locations were spared from the list; do we put our guards down knowing that the said alarm signals are only a couple of kilometers away from us? NO. Didn't we learn anything from Ondoy? We should always be vigilant.

I just hope people would stop pointing fingers at others and reflect upon their own actions (or worse, INaction). The need to put the blame on people ASIDE from ourselves is perhaps the greatest obstacle in Philippine development. Self accountability and the desire to COLLECTIVELY rise up the ladder of success is sorely missing in our masses. We must not pin all our hopes in one person even if that person CLAIMS that he can save you from poverty. As long as you yourself do not make a move to alleviate your own situation, nothing will change. The Filipino culture of "crab mentality" is definitely a scary thing. It is something that I hope will be put into the bin and never recycled. Why can't we look at a person who is rising to the top and say "I want to be like him" instead of "He cheated, that's why he got there." I mean, honestly...WTF?!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To My Father...

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a daddy's girl. I would often fall asleep laying on my dad's lap or ask him to carry me around in the amusement park. When I was older, even if I am not a touchy person, I would still give my father bear hugs and belly slaps. For me, my father was the only man I could rely on; the only man worth loving. I guess to some extent, the reason why I still do not have a boyfriend; nobody will be as good as my dad. (Electra Complex?? NAH!)

Unlike most fathers, my dad was always beside us. He would go to the market and cook our food (when the maid is not home) and would even nurse us when we are sick. He was both a father and a mother to us even if my mom was also always home. My mother is not a domestic goddess, she doesn't cook nor go to the market (we go to the supermarkets, not the wet market. LOL).

I would remember him singing to us non-stop (even if we begged him to) when we are on road trips. He patiently taught me that "he is not a citric fruit, not Lemon...It's Lennon" when I asked him for the correct spelling of "Imagine" when I was in grade1 (yeah...I sucked at spelling!) I have learned to love music because of him from "oldies but goodies" to alternative rock. We loved drinking coffee (even when I was still in preschool) until now that we are both hyper acidic. Both of us are very temperamental so we would often bicker and sometimes not even talk for days. But he would always apologize to me...even if it was my fault. He would come home with shrimp tempura in his hands and bribe his way back to my good graces. Although I might complain that he favors my older sister more, I was still happy to have him as my father.

Nobody is perfect and I thought that his only imperfection was his ghastly habit of smoking and his foul temper. However reality really does bite...and it bites hard. Finding out that your father is not the ideal man was like a throw-down from life. Suddenly pulling out the trust from under our feet is the most painful thing that life has dealt my family. It has been a year now since the incident, and every time I remember it I still tear up and sometimes cry myself to sleep. This time, I see my mother in a different light. I see both of the in different lights. My seemingly perfect family, shattered by an old whore.

My parents are still together after that mom forgave my father. However he can never regain what he lost...what we lost. I lost my rose spectacles; my father lost our trust. So even if my father is still physically present, my heart still breaks when I hear "dance with my father." Now, I am looking at a new man...a man different from the father I knew. I know that what he did should not diminish his worth as my dad, I know that. But it feels terrible knowing that he hurt my mom...all of us. I hope one day, I can see my father again. The father that I love and respect. To my dad, I love you. Even if it hurts...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pardon Me for my Emo

After frolicking around for a couple of months, I decided to finally try my luck and apply for some jobs. Since I am still unclear as to what I really want to do with my life, I tried to play up to my interests instead.

I submitted a couple of resumes online and finally, one responded to my application. I was actually pretty interested in the position so i told my family over dinner. Then all piss and shit happened; they actually placed BETS on how long I will stay in the job! Talk about pissing on your parade!

Ang masakit lang talaga, sarili kong pamilya ung nagbababa sa akin habang nawawala pa ako. Paano ko mahahanap ang sarili ko kung sarili kong pamilya ko, hindi naniniwala sa akin? Putcha lang talaga...ang sakit. Gusto kong umiyak pero hindi pwede. Gusto kong magalit, pero lalo lang nila akong pagtatawanan. PUNYETA! Huwag nalang kaya akong magtrabaho? Para parepareho kaming walang trabaho?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Feeling the Heat: Batanes Experience

It has a been a dream of mine to go to Batanes for as long as I knew the place existed. I don't think there is any other place (locally) that I wanted to go to so badly. So I was so happy to hear that there was a buy 1 take 1 seat sale in SEAAIR. My family instantly went to MOA to buy the tickets and by a couple months' time, we were off to Batanes.

To tell you honestly, it wasn't everything I hoped it would be. First off, it was burning hot there. We were under the impression that it would be really cold we were shocked to feel otherwise. Don't get me wrong, the place was absolutely stunning! It was as if we went to five different countries at once; Jerusalem, Greece, New Zealand, USA, and Africa. We took literally more than a thousand pictures in our 5day stay there. We made the most of our trip by going to all three of their inhabited islands; Batan, Itbayat, and Sabtang.

If you are interested in an extreme experience, I suggest you go to Itbayat. It's an island without a single beach! You need to ride on a boat for 3hours from Batan to get there. (Experience the refugee-like boat ride! No seats, just sitting on the floor and watch dozens of flying fish hovering on the water!) Aside from the journey to the island, going around the place was also quite the experience. They do not have vans and jeeps there, only pick-up trucks! So you have to ride at the back of the trucks, sitting on wooden benches (bangko). The experience is hard to explain in words, you just have to experience it for yourself. You will also hike a long way to go to a cave. On the way there, you will walk on a white limestone path that is absolutely breathtaking! Definitely worth the trouble. You can also go to a separate island, and stay there overnight if you prefer to laze on the beach. But you have to give them advance notice, because they have to prepare the place for you. That is if you have enough time on your hands...

Batan Island is like the center of Batanes. It has the most establishments, even internet cafes have found their way there. The Marlboro Hills are located here and also the world famous Honesty Coffee shop. If you do not know how to ride a bike, i suggest you learn before you go there. I didn't know how to ride one so I had to miss out on going solo. >.< SAD! Going around the Island on bike is refreshing and you can experience things you might have missed while on the van.

Sabtang Island has the most number of stone houses in all three islands that we have visited. It is also home to a 103 year old man! We talked with him and he didn't seem his age. It was as if you are talking to a 70 year old man. His secret: NO VICES! This is also the place where you can frolic on the beach and eat lobster. You can also watch locals weaving their Bakul (native straw hats) and buy them straight from the source.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Think Therefore I am for GIBO TEODORO

This is the last campaign day; last day of those annoying commercials. Thank goodness.

As the title denotes, I am for Gibo Teodoro. Popularity aside, I think that he has the best chance of improving the situation in our country. He will not be preoccupied with his personal vendetta and trying to please other people. He would go right down to business and run our country. He strikes me as a no nonsense kind of man; a man who is not ruled by his emotions when it comes to making decisions.

I want to shout at people who say "sayang lang ang boto ko sa kanya, hindi naman siya mananalo e." Well I say, mas sayang ang boto mo kung iboboto mo ang isang taong popular nga, pero wala rin namang magagawa para sa bansa natin. Contrary to popular belief, elections are supposed to be a system wherein we vote for people based on credentials and not on POPULARITY. This is our NATIONAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS and not a popularity contest in school. Vote based on credentials and merit, not based on relatives and endorsers.

Do not pay heed to the surveys because "I was not asked by the survey." Survey companies admitted that they only surveyed roughly 2000 respondents. That is not a reliable representation of the entire voting population. Ask the friends of your friends, I'll bet that none of them were asked by the survey.

For my VP, I will vote for Bayani Fernando. As a marikenyo, I know how effective he is in public administration and implementing laws and statutes. He will be the man of Political Will to discipline the Filipinos and execute our otherwise good existing laws.

First Time ^-^

After three renewals and a flooded passport, I was finally able to get it stamped! First stop was Macao. Since we arrived late, we had to pay 40MOP for the cab. >.< The meter said 17.50 but the cab driver insisted that we had to pay an extra 20MOP for the luggage. Good thing that our hotel was superb and it quickly turned the bad into good.

Our stay in Macao was short but sweet. The following day, we had to jet off to Hong Kong where it was raining pretty hard. Thank goodness that it was only for our first day. Our trip to Disneyland and the Giant Buddha was bright and sunny. A fair warning, if you avail of the city tour package, make sure to ask if you have to pay extra for additional rides. We had to pay 50HKD for the boat ride in Aberdeen garden because our tour guide didn't inform us of this small detail...what a joke. For the city tour alone, we shelled out 100HKD (50 for the boat lady and another 50 for the guide). The picture they took of me was nice, but it costs 160HKD for the set. Too expensive! So I didn't buy it. LOL

For me. the highlight was that of our tour in Ngong Ping 360. The cable car on our way to the Giant Buddha and Po Lin Monastery was just superb! When I go to Hong Kong again, I will most definitely go there once more and buy more Mochi. LOL

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gone Crazy...

My trip to Macau is just a week away and my friends and I already have a hotel to stay in. The only problem is that we still don't know where we can eat at a reasonable price and the schedule and fares of the public transportation (bus, in particular) there. So I looked them up in our ever reliable(?) Google Map for street directions and stuff. The good news is that we can go from one point to the other by walking...bad news is that the street names are in CHINESE. I may look Chinese, but I sure as hell cannot read Chinese characters to save my life.

We are relying on the shuttle service from the hotel to get around (hopefully for free) however there is this little problem called operating hours. We arrive there at night, so we need to make the most of our stay there during the night and off we to to Hong Kong the following day.

Anyway, I am still trying to figure out the map that I have here. So wish me luck!

Monday, April 12, 2010

You're Beautiful

I just love this song...I am not a fan of Korean bands and dramas, but I do listen and watch some of them. I would not go to a crowded place just to get a glimpse of Korean guys it would be a different matter altogether if it was Mukai Osamu or Ikuta Toma though.

I watched You're Beautiful some time ago, but I still smile whenever I remember the scenes there. I was also pretty amazed when I found out that the actors there did their own singing. (I just a sucker for musicals so I guess this is the closest they can get to it)

My aunt is going gaga over it! She has watched it like three times already on her i-touch. I think I will watch it again in the near future, just to get my dose of drama-music-comedy. On another note, I always root for the second lead! It sort of sucks...when will I ever cheer for the lead guy?!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Racial Slurs

For some time now, Filipinos have been offended by numerous racial slurs from mostly American entertainers. At first, I was totally with the masses in demanding for apologies and whatnot. I would be saying things like "WTF are they talking about? How can they criticize our culture and nation without even knowing us?" and "How dare they say those things about us? Are they perfect? They don't respect people's culture because they have none to speak of...a bunch of land-grabbers!" I am very much into studying various cultures therefore I am fond of countries with rich and ancient civilizations to speak of. In line with that, I do not think highly of countries without much history and traditions. I am not saying that the USA has a "blah" culture, but most of their habits and traditions are borrowed from other countries such as India, China, and numerous countries from Europe because of the settlers there. The rich culture of their "native Americans" have been trampled upon and treated as "idiotic."

I am one of those people who do not join the bandwagon in proclaiming their supremacy primarily because I hate supremacists and for as long as I can remember, Americans have been acting like that. (AT LEAST THOSE ON TV) I am not saying that ALL of them are like that, it's just that the BAD overshadows the GOOD.

I think it is high time that we stop looking up to them and start respecting our own culture and traditions. I hate to say this but we are also to blame for they perception of our country. The recent comments about Manny Pacquiao and the sex tourism in the Philippines is primarily because it is the image that we have somewhat projected. I resent his comment about the women in our country but the FACT is, MANY foreigners go to the Philippines because of the prevalent cases of prostitution in our country. We have a beautiful country, however perverts from other countries flock here not for the beaches and our rich heritage but for erotic entertainment. Besides, of all the things that the Philippines is famous for, why is he only aware of two-- Manny (the "idiot" a.k.a. the Fighter of the Decade) and sex tourism? It really makes you wonder what his priorities are in life. His view of Japan might be of squirming petite ladies and hentai not those of kimonos and zen Buddhism.

In order to stop these offensive racial comments, we should join each other in promoting the good in our country. Stop whipping our own culture wantonly. I am not saying to sing undue praises for our fellow Filipinos, but we should also point out the good and the beauty of our wonderful nation. The media has been bombarding us with news of rallies, corruption, deaths, and whatnot but the only achievement they are happy to share is the victory of the "pacman" over some guy who only hid his face for 12 rounds. Why not share the news of opening a new road, promoting tourism in our vast archipelago, or being champions in various competitions NOT involving boxing gloves?

I would like to think that the Filipinos are educated and intelligent. Why not give ourselves the chance to excel and be known not for sex tourism and boxer-turned-politicians?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Visita Iglesias 21st century Style

Every year, my mother makes it a point that she mixes two of her most favorite things in the world; traveling and religion. Going on "Visita Iglesias" can be quite fun actually. However over the years many things have changed. For instance, most people actually prayed when they go in churches in the past. These days, people went in to get pictures and act like photographers. Unfortunately, my brother and I were sort of guilty of this. We sat and prayed for a while, but we also went to take pictures. This reinforced my belief that churches in our country can actually be beautiful.

We are not very religious, my mom considers it a miracle that I enter the church for mass more than twice a year. However I must concede that it is fun looking at the architectural beauties called as churches. Please do not think that I am an evil evil bitch because I don't go to mass. I am not an atheist, I just don't think we need religion to be kind and conscientious.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ako'y Mamumundok

My first climb was when I was an incoming freshman in High School. To celebrate the graduation of the people in the family, we all went to the Mountain Province. I was such a failure at hiking up the Batad trail because I was wearing platform shoes (genius, I know) and was severely out of shape (the real reason). Ever since then, I have always wanted another shot at braving the outdoors.

Well, my time to redeem myself has finally come! I am going up to Mount Batulao in Batangas with my parents and godparents. LOL It is a beginners climb, so I am hoping I do well. I will also bring my camera to take some shots of the scenery. I just hope that my brother dearest doesn't drain the battery of the camera. (Coincidentally, as I was typing this, my brother sent me an SMS regarding a seat sale in Cebu Pacific. LOL)

Oh well, I need to look for proper shoes to wear for tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Being a Responsible Citizen

In case you missed all the posters, ribbons, fliers, internet ads, social networking campaigns, and of course the multimedia advertisements I congratulate you the presidential election is rearing it's ugly head. As annoying as their ad campaigns are, we still have to take a couple of minutes from facebook and keep an open ear and eye out for possible truths amidst all the lies.

Personally, I don't buy all the bullshit in their TV ads. What I do is watch their debates and look for their achievements and stands on current issues. There are others who might claim they support this and that, but in their senate records they voted against the bill that they claim to endorse(what's worse, if they abstained or was absent from the meeting). There are "minutes of meetings" in the congress website, or the Makati Business Club , and many other websites. You can call on their bluff without even stepping outside of your home.

DO NOT BE AN IGNORANT VOTER. Contrary to popular belief, being allowed to vote is not our only responsibility (others don't even think that it's their responsibility but their right. i won't go into this for now). Researching about your potential president, vice president, senators, congressmen, governors, mayors and many more is a big part of the democratic process. Participating in civil debates or even street corner conversations is also a wise thing to do. By doing this, you will be more aware of who you are voting for and his/her capability to lead our nation.

For the life of everything around you and in the name of everything you hold dear...please do not vote for somebody just because he is a relative of a famous person, or he's endorsed by your favorite athlete, actor, singer, or comedian. Most especially, do not vote for somebody because you think he has the highest chance of winning or your next door neighbor will vote for him. Vote for him because you think that he is a leader worthy to be called the President of our beautiful country. The Philippines is a country so rich in culture, history, natural resources, and is the home of many bright people. Do not waste your vote by settling for somebody who is all talk and no action. Do not settle for somebody who promises not to squander the people's money, but vote for somebody who works hard for his keep.

I do not believe that our country is hopeless, we are only as hopeless as we want to believe.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Choco Flakes, Chili Flakes, Corn Flakes! My friend is a complete FLAKE

Imagine waking up at around 4 in the morning just to receive a text message saying "Good AM. Hindi na po ako makakarating mamayang 6AM. Sana wag kayong magalit and huwag kayong magsawang ayain ako sa mga lakad. Ingat kayo." (Good morning. I won't be able to meet you at 6AM. I hope you won't get angry and still invite me next time. Be safe.) We have planned this for over a week and she backs out the last minute? The first few times she did it was already infuriating but this just takes the cake. Just two hours before our scheduled trip, she backs out. Brilliant!

She has been my friend for around 10 years now so I am supposed to be used to it. It's just irritating that she hasn't changed this nasty habit yet. She makes up some excuse like she's studying for a gazillion questions for her review but I see her online the entire day on facebook. So I made up my resolve to NOT talk to her for a short period of time. Just until my emotions and urge to yell at her subsides. After that, I will talk to her properly about this..AGAIN.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Calendar is my New BFF

I have always been fond of traveling, it is perhaps the only thing that I inherited from my mother. I actually wanted to be a diplomat when I was a kid (until I graduated from college) because I was under the impression that they would be traveling around the world as their job.

Anyway, I guess this year my dream of going to various places around the Philippines and even a foreign country, is finally coming true (at least a little bit). My friends and I will be going to Macau and Hong Kong this April and this May, my family is going to Batanes. I just love it! I'm so happy even if the planning for the trip is taking quite a lot of energy and patience, I know that it will all be worth it in the end.

Other trips are in the works, hopefully it would all push through and that the budget of a bum like me would be able to accommodate them all. I am thinking of getting a baito to sustain my trips...LOL

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Break Breakdown...

I think at the young age of 22, my body is finally giving in. I know that I haven't been the poster girl for healthy living but I never thought that I would get this much illnesses at such a young age. I am not suffering from anything major, unless you count boredom as a life threatening disease.

Anyway, just passing through. The space rangers are currently away from the house so I am free to use the computer. I have to keep a VERY sharp ear out to hear the gates so that I can shut the computer down and pretend to be reading a book. Wish me luck...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Comabting Boredom WITHOUT the Internet

Due to certain circumstances, I am not allowed to stay in front of the PC for too long. I am also not allowed to do a lot of things. I am now a bum who stays at home all day (for two days now) and so far, I have been bored out of my wits. For those who now me, they are already aware that I get easily bored even during our hell sem in college. Others are already making bets on how long I can stay like this. So far, I am losing...terribly. My parents have been keeping a hawk's eye over me making sure that I am not doing anything prohibited.

I tried to quench my boredom by trying to watch the TV but everything is just BORING..that or the crappy political CAMPAIGN ads are pissing the hell out of me. I am too lazy to look for my unread books (I'll do that after the lab results are out) so reading is out of the question. So what have I been doing for my two days of bum-hood? I have been messing around with my nephew and niece. But I think carrying them around is also not allowed...I hate this.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome...not life-threatening or anything but most of the things I want to do all require my hands. So what do I do for now?

So far, my friend and I will TRY to bake. For somebody who can still burn hotdogs, this is a great leap for me. Wish us luck!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funny News: No to Small Breasts!

A new censorship law has been passed in Australia banning publications and producers from showing small breasts. According to them, small breasts promotes pedophilia. Apparently when pedophiles see small breasts, they immediately think "ooohhh, little kid!"

Talk about adding insult to injury. As if women with small breasts do not have issues with their small lumps already, now a law likens them to little children and promoters of pedophilia. I don't know if I should laugh or be insulted by this.

What's more, when women with small boobs take pictures of themselves it is considered as creating a simulation of child pornography and is therefore obscene. Now publishers are said to be "increasing" the cup size requirement of their models. Cup A models are no longer allowed to pose because of this new law.

For a woman, I should be happy about this bit of legislation. However I can't help but feel that the people who passed this law are just being pigs. If they want to stop people from being perverts, then why not pass a legislation that disallows pornography altogether? Yeah yeah, I know that it's part of human nature to want to see naked bodies and what not. But singling out small breasted women and likening them to children is just foul and a bit perverted. It makes me wonder if they are really doing this for the children or they just want bigger breasts while wanking.

OK, gotta go back to work now...the feminist in me just wanted to blog about this. (I am not really a feminist, I am for equal rights though.)

On a side note, since small breasts are no longer allowed then small penises should also be banned. I mean, don't they make people think "ooooohhh, little boy!" Just a the spirit of fairness and equality, shouldn't we protect the welfare of the little boys as much as we protect the little girls from pedophiles?

Here is the link for the news article: No to small Breasts

Friday, January 29, 2010

Epic Fail: Children's Toys

My nephew is only 2 years old but he likes to shop around the market for toys. My parents like to bring him along so that he won't throw tantrums. Apparently, he takes after my mom; uneasy when indoors (in other words, super GALA). Anyway, whenever he returns from the market he always has a new toy or a pair of slippers. On most days, his sense of taste is just amazing. For a child to pick "puma" slippers among all those "beach walks" is something to be proud of. Much to his mother's dismay, he also buys candies and jellies from the market which he loves.

The other day, my parents took him to the usual places. But this time he wanted a toy...a paddle of sorts. It's one of those typical plastic paddles with a plastic film on the center. It's really noisy but somehow addictive to play with. What made it an epic failure was that the character on the middle was a confused inter-racial's sort of difficult to explain so i took a picture. Here it is:

Superman in a costume

Friday, January 22, 2010

Funny News: Ecchi Suru?

It is no secret that economic powers such as Japan and Korea are having problems with their low birth rate. Even China has been having 'demographic" problems because they are severely lacking females in their population.

So how do they solve this? In S. Korea, they implemented the "lights off" policy. They claim that they can encourage their citizens to make more babies if they switch the lights off in the office earlier. Let's keep our minds off the gutter for a while, ok? They are not saying they should have a massive orgy in the office, they are encouraging their people to leave the office earlier and make babies AT HOME with their PARTNERS. OK? Now that our mind is semi-clean, we can now proceed to other 'benefits' they might have if they do the hump the bump and produce possible laborers for the country, the ministry says that they will get cash incentives. That's great! they encourage you to leave work early, have sex, and make babies. That is one supportive government.

Disclaimer:The people in the picture are not korean, they are Japanese. The hot shirtless guy is Mokomichi Hayami. I do not own him, but i wish I do. if you do not know what "echi suru" is, then good for you. If you want to know, there is always the all knowing oracle called google.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Facebook "Color" Fever?

Earlier this evening I received a personal message from my sister-in-law about a sneaky move by ladies in facebook. I found it really interesting so I joined the bandwagon. I posted a color on my wall, and forwarded the message to my friends. Soon after that I saw some of my friends posting their colors and surprisingly enough, others were actually asking about it. Some were actually bothered by it enough to post to their own walls asking about the strange happening.

This is an example of a weird conversation on one of those inquiries. For the sake of camaraderie, I will not spoil the fun. Good luck and have fun!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

For lack of better words to use, I will use the template for these sorts of stuff. Happy New Year everyone!
2009 hasn't exactly been an exceptional year for me, it seemed to have passed by in a breeze. Fine there are some highlights that came during the -ber months; Ondoy, DEATHS, new job, and new additions to the family. However I feel that I haven't grown as a person this year. I actually feel more lost than ever.

Unlike most people, I do not make new year's resolutions primarily because I think it's bogus. If you want to change something about yourself, then change it. No need to make promises(I actually believe in the saying "Promises are meant to be broken"). But if I have to make "plans" I intend to become less threatening and more feminine (steep, IKR). I guess that's it. does one put on make up? What are those eye thingies you put on your eyelids again?

On other news, I now have a new camera! YAY!