Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loser No More! Despicable Me CHECK

Ok. So I haven't watched a movie since Alice in Wonderland. What's the big deal? Well, apparently there have been plenty of GREAT movies that I missed. Sorry for not having extra money for movie houses with lots of noisy customers.

It is no secret that I HATE watching movies in public for the plain reason that I don't like noisy people when I watch. I prefer hearing the actors deliver their lines without having the guy in front of me narrate every single detail to his date as if she was deaf and blind at the same time.

In the rare chance that I did end up watching a movie, it was an animated flick. I was prepared for the worst; crying children, noisy parents, ringing cell phones, wannabe-narrators, the whole nine yards. But to my delight, it was as if my friends and I owned the movie house. Only a couple of other groups were present and they were actually quiet! To add to that, the movie was so funny! I was laughing more than the solitary child in the audience. Fine, the plot was predictable, and the animation was only average. What in lacked in those areas, they made up for with wit and humor. I just have to give it a two thumbs up! 4 stars! or whatever the hell reviewers rate movies.

With that, I leave you with the clip of the cutest girl in animation: Agnes.

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