Saturday, October 31, 2009

Taking a Break from Bed Rest

Who knew that taking some mandatory rest can be so tiring?

Last Wednesday, I was already feeling off but I had some work to do so I ignored it. By the time I went home, I was already burning up with a high fever. I still intended to go to work the following day but my father scolded me. So I opted to work from home instead. I still didn't feel any better so after my shift, I went to the doctor's office. He told me that I should take some rest. So here I am...tired of resting. Honestly, even if I'm a lazy ass bum I still want some activities. My mother won't even let me open a book for crying out loud.

Lesson learned: Listen to your body before it forces you to take some rest. ktnxbye! baka mahuli ng guardia sibil.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rock Star Phail: Jonas Brothers

doesn't he look gay here? or is he?

About a week ago I heared in the news that a certain Jonas Brother experienced a wardrobe malfunction. First thing that entered my mind was: "This is their rock star moment!" but then again they never cease to let me down. It would've been a wonderful moment for them to turn into actual rock stars! blah.

It is not beyond rock fans to go gaga over some flesh shown by their rock icons. However because they are pseudo rockers (like posers, only popular) they do not know the concept of fan service. I found a short clip of the "incident" tell me what you think.

On the other hand, this is what real rock stars do. (well not really, but this is what I call FANSERVICE!) View only if you are brave.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Food Trip #2

A month ago a new Korean restaurant opened in Antipolo, just along Sumulong Highway. The area used to be my home for roughly a decade of my life until we moved to Marikina. this is actually the second Korean joint established in our former home. Anyway, after work my parents decided to accept the invitation of our new tenants to eat there at the opening ceremony. We ate samgyupsal, the very long and tough noodles (I actually already forgot what they were called) but they were delicious! Here are some pictures. I forgot to take pictures of the other dishes because it was like a battlefield in our table, our family's You snooze, you lose policy still stands even in public places.

A crappy picture from my phone, but this is part of the free side dishes that they serve for you. I swear, these side dishes could double as a main meal. just order rice...haha. Joke. But the weird looking squidball-tasting strips were really delicious. My family loved the gigantic bean sprouts. And the Kimchi is really good (SPICY!!).

The rice cake the they served was also a pleasant surprise. I was half expecting it to be too sweet that I won't be able to eat it. But it turns out to be a great after-meal food. My parents had to ask for forks though because it was a bit tough to eat with chopsticks. Even my brother who didn't like sweets that much enjoyed this dish. Oh yeah, it also came free with the side dishes.

As previously mentioned, we ate samgyupsal and the beef rib counterpart of the said wrap. (Sampgyupsal is pork) We also ordered spicy squid strips with vegetables and a fish dish. Who do their names have to be so hard to remember? Couldn't they have called them Bae Youngjun, Lee Junki or Won Bin instead?

This is the tough noodle dish that I was telling you about. At first we had great difficulties eating it because it was so long and slippery that it slides directly to our throat. And we can't cut it with our teeth...then we saw how the Koreans eat it...they cut it up with a pair of scissors in the bowl and scoop it out with the chopsticks. *toinks*

Friday, October 16, 2009

Food Trip #1

I was really supposed to blog about the Euro-Japanese resto that we ate in last Monday, but some $hit happened to my phone, and I can't retrieve the pictures. So here come my other food photos...

My coworkers and I enjoy looking at food blogs *cough*at work*cough* so we always get tempted to eat out. Unfortunately, we do not have the highest paying salary that would help us sustain our addiction. So from time to time, we would indulge a bit and satisfy our food cravings. Today I will share our Delifrance experience...

I ordered the French Dip Roast Beef Sandwich and Oriental Shrimp Salad. It was certainly delicious! I was only able to eat half the sandwich so I took it home for my parents. (Hey, I didn't touch it so it's still clean and sanitary) The meat was so tender that I didn't have difficulty in eating it. The bread was freshly baked which made it more appetizing for me. The salad contained something I have never eaten...cucumber! I hate cucumber, but I was trying to change, so I ate it...and it didn't taste as bad as I imagined it to be (when I was a kid, I didn't think that cucumbers were edible because I thought it was only meant to reduce the puff in your eyes). The shrimp was fresh and so was the mandarin orange. The other greens had the right crunch to it, and the smoothness of the orange and the chewy-ness (?) of the shrimp was a delightful combo. The crab sticks were also good, but nothing spectacular (not really a fan of crab sticks in gengeral).

We found out the hard way that we need to pre-order our deliveries a day before so that they could process it. We were told that we had to wait a couple of hours before they can bring it to the office. Good thing though that somebody backed out and a slot was free so they were able to deliver our fix before lunch break was over.

Here come the other pictures...

Everything Changes...

Last Monday I celebrated a very quiet birthday. It was my first birthday in the work force and i didn't feel like celebrating much. I didn't inform my coworkers about it and I also removed the alert from my facebook account. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it wasn't boring either. My family and I just ate in a Euro-Japanese fusion restaurant and bought some cake from Sugar House.

With everything that has happened in the last couple of weeks, I am totally happy with just a simple dinner with my family and the knowledge that my true friends remembered my birthday without a facebook alert to remind them. I know most of them are busy with work and stuff, so I won't bear grudges. I was just a bit sad that those whom I consider to be 'close friends' forgot my birthday...that's all. But no grudges, no friendship ruined. Anyway, it's just a birthday.

Since it was my birthday, I thought of things that I would like to buy for myself. Only one thing came to own digital camera...perferably a waterproof one. I will save up for this...and hopefully I can buy it for Christmas.

Oh yeah, I forgot my real age quite fast...I thougt I was older than I really am. Werid, right?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Monkeys are Drowning

I can't help but feel irritated every time I think about this comment. The "rain rain don't go away..." comment made by a stupid and heartless bitch (I will not name the nationality) really struck a nerve in me. I'm sorry if I'm still a bit hung over on the incident, but my family and I have yet to resume normal life since the calamity. I am not complaining, I am just pissed that somebody would make a comment like this. Amongst my group of friends, I am perhaps the most heartless and sharp-tongued. But never in my life did I say something as terrible as this; putting someone down when they have already suffered enough.

One of the biggest reasons why I took offense in this comment was because of where it came from. Not to be arrogant, but most of her countrymen come to MY COUNTRY, the "land of monkeys," to learn English and to study. They came here to tell me, if we are monkeys and you came to learn from us, then what are you supposed to be? Just a thought to ponder...that is if you can think logically. I am not saying that my country is better than yours, but don't dare criticize us if you know NOTHING!

I know that this is not a calamity that people from other countries will remember. But for us who suffered, who are still suffering from this, that heartless comment felt like our entire person was being stomped upon by a *insert derogatory remark here* and it hurts. As much as I would like to say that it doesn't matter, it hurts because we are in pain. The smallest hint of ridicule from a *insert derogatory remark here* is unacceptable. What would you do if we threw back your countrymen back there? Don't think that we are making much money from you cheapskates. You are reputed to be the most miserly tourists in every tourist destination here. But I am not saying that you are all like that, some are nice and friendly. I just hope there were more of them and less of people like you.

A little video for those who talk crap but are ignorant.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gone Because of Ondoy

A little over a week ago, may family along with countless others were left in shock because of the deadly storm. I have never been to attached of material things, and now I truly believe that it is a blessing that I'm not. However this experience made me realize how utterly dependent I am to electricity and the physical comforts of life. We were one of the lucky families who didn't need to evacuate from our house. We had a second floor, that has two rooms. We bunked in our brother's bedroom together with his family for about 1week (until we had electricity) and the help stayed in my bedroom. It would be bratty of me to complain that I lacked sleep and such so I will not expound on that. All i want to remember is that my family and I are lucky because we are still alive and safe, aside from the cuts and bruises we incurred while trying to salvage what's left of our belongings.

The water inside our house almost reached the light switch. Outside was a different matter altogether. Our front gate, which towers over people (approximately the height of two people), sank in the muddy waters. Our cars floated after being submerged in the flood. Good thing we were able to save our rice and some of our canned food. On the first night we survived on biscuits and Pandan Cake because we cannot cook our rice because there was no electricity and the stove was left in the kitchen...outside.
This was just the beginning, our cars floated after this

For me, the first night, Saturday was the most difficult part. Our neighbors were staying on their roofs and asking for help. We were trying to call all the emergency numbers and our friends, but the signals were so out of whack. It was probably the time where we were in a panic because we didn't know if our friends and relatives were OK. But thankfully, the following day we were able to receive news from them; they were alive and well but they were not able to save their stuff. A sigh of relief went over's funny how a simple text message can wipe away your fears and pain.

A week from now I will be celebrating my birthday...I guarantee that this will be a year that I will never forget. This incident changed my life and the way I view things. Hopefully I would be able to say that I am a better person because of this.