Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brief Book Review: 50 Shades Series

Truth be told, I love reading fictions/fan fictions online. Some of my favorite pieces are yet to be published that's why I am a bit irked by a lot of the more popular published literary works that are sub par. I am by no means a literary genius, heck even my grammar is slowly disintegrating. But I do know what I like about reading books and other works of fiction.

It is no secret that I am not a fan of the Twilight series, I read all the books but was just left wondering "Why is this so popular?" When I first heard that the driving force or inspiration behind 50 Shades was Twilight, I just had to stay away from the book. I figured that it would just disappoint me, just like Twilight. However boredom struck and it was the only book I had that I haven't read before (I downloaded an e-book, didn't spend a centavo on it) so I decided to give it a shot. It's not like I had anything better to do.

For the record, I spent almost a month reading all three books. Yes, A WHOLE MONTH. The longest time I have spent in finishing a book. It wasn't terrible, it was eons better than Twilight, that's for sure. But it just didn't appeal to me. Don't give me the "maybe you are just not into BDSM or erotica" argument because I've read far raunchier things from fictionpress and AFF.

50 Shades of Grey was ok, it caught my attention but it didn't make me want "more" of it. It was the best book in the series, in my opinion. 50 Shades Darker was so-so, it was tolerable. The last book though, was unnecessary. They could finish the entire story line in one book, but maybe they wanted to milk it.

My verdict (if it wasn't clear enough) is that it is OK to read if you have nothing better to do/read. If you just want to pass time, then it might be ok. Oh, it's not for kids it is erotica let's not sugarcoat it and say it's a love story. It does have a love story but it's still a BDSM novel. On that note, if you are used to reading online fiction which are Rated M, it might also not reach your expectations of smut.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012: Manila

I was excited about their concert since they started their poll on facebook about the world tour. I was so excited in fact, that my friends also caught the bug and patiently waited with me about information about the venue and the tickets. So pardon me if the post is mostly spazzing and not an actual review. There are brief moments when my logical self resurfaces but then my fangirl heart is just too strong, especially when the boys are breathing the same air as I am.

At the day of the concert (which was also my friend's birthday) we came early (at least by our standards) 3PM because the gates will open at 6PM (which opened quite late at 6:30PM). The concert started at around 8:15PM on my watch while there are literally still around a thousand people outside (more on this later). Many people apparently lined up the night before just to be the first ones inside the venue.

The concert was on a freaking Wednesday evening so my other friend had to catch up with us from work. We couldn't line up earlier because we had her ticket with us. Despite the horrid schedule, the concert was allegedly sold out so it's all good.

Right, my only concert hang up is that we missed the epic opening and the fist half of Tonight. If they opened the gates on time, my friends and I would've been inside the venue before the curtains dropped. PLUS they always stopped the influx of people because they were allegedly pushing each other, we weren't moving AT ALL at the back. It was VERY annoying. And could they really blame the crowd? The concert was starting yet there were thousands left outside. They only opened ONE GATE to accommodate 12,000 concert-goers, was that a sane decision? I think NOT. This was my fear before the concert, Ovation Production had a reputation of opening the gates late yet starting the concert with only a slight delay even if half of the crowd was still outside. It was a NIGHTMARE. They also didn't have a separate line for VIPs. Actually, they put Gen Ad, Lower box A&B, Upper Box and VIP ticket holders in just one line. It was CHAOS.

(the part we missed FUUUUU)

Once inside the venue, the first voice I heard was TOPs. It took every fiber of my being not to run and leave my friends behind. His voice was deep and silky smooth...just DIVINE. Right then, all the annoyance and hassle from the line and the sinking feeling that I missed the opening just vanished and adrenaline kicked in. I was jogging (yes I know, absurd) because I couldn't run and leave my friends but I had to walk faster to get to my seat. We were in Lower Box B section 205 row F. The view was surprisingly good and the boys were seemingly so near. I expected to see ant-sized BIGBANG but the view was so good, we can see the print on Taeyang's underwear. Yup, THAT close.

Once on our seats, we dropped our bags, fished out our lightsticks and cameras just as Hands Up was starting to play. For lack of better ways to put it, the seats were just like benchmarks to indicate our number. We didn't get a chance to sit during the concert. The energy was so high that even during brief intermissions with videos flashing on the screen, we weren't able to sit.

(Ok, I watched the fancam just now and all coherence I had left, flew out of the building...I guess I am not yet cured. T.T)

Anyway, the concert layout and sequencing of the concert was very well planned. The transition from one number to the other was seamless and the boys were fantastic. There were problems with G-Dragon's microphone and perhaps his in-ear piece because he kept on coming back to the booth at the left stage to talk to the technicians. It was also said that on the way to the back of the stage, he hit his head. It was probably not his best concert day. But it doesn't mean that his performance suffered. I was so surprised that he allowed people from the Lower box A seats to touch his face (fine not surprised but really envious) and they were all trying their best to speak in English and some broken Tagalog that perhaps Dara (a.k.a Sandara Park) taught them. There were also complaints that the sound system wasn't good though the sound was clear in our area (except for GD's from time to time). With that said, I hope MOA Arena fixes the problems with their sound system. It was a point of concern for many concert-goers for other events as well.

The only number I was able to record fully. I wanted to call the other videos as "floor cam" since the floor seemed to be the focus of the shots. >.< Sorry, I wasn't really paying attention to the camera, I was busy with the performance. DISCLAIMER: I wasn't the one screaming there. I swear.

I remember clearly when GD threw his jacket in my section and all the people were like moths to a fire; we (yes, me included) were all gravitating towards the projectile trying to catch it. It seemed really funny for me because it was playing in slow motion before my eyes. The jacket fell literally two rows in front of me. If I stretched out and used my long lightstick, I would've been able to fish it out. LOL Wishful thinking, those girls would've jumped on my lightstick and injuring another person for a jacket isn't my thing. He was so demure. I mean, he looked like a little princess. The way he spoke in Tagalog left me giggling like a little girl. GD wasn't handsome, he was so pretty that I feel sorry for my lack of femininity. His reputation for transitioning from a high note to low note didn't disappoint. His vocal prowess isn't to be trifled with even if he insists on being called a rapper than a singer. He, along with his band mates are true artists.

TOP was almost always in our section. Like seriously, he seems like perfection personified. I never thought a man could look so good. I am sounding like a teenager with raging hormones right now but that man seriously isn't normal. I could see him pout, show his "bingu" face, stare at us with that your-ovaries-will-explode gaze and it's a miracle that we didn't implode. He received the loudest scream from the crowd from girls and boys alike. Too bad we weren't able to succeed in the Mission for his birthday, though. T.T His baritone was tantalizing that it seemed to pull strings in my non-existent heart.

Seungri, our dear dear maknae, was dubbed as the "bias list ruiner" in their world tour. TV and pictures do not do him justice. His voice sounds 1000x better in real life than in recording and he is so adorable with his fan service. He interacted with the crowd a lot and it was very sweet of him. It was later revealed that he got a small panda doll in exchange for his jacket, the owner of the jacket is a really pretty young lady. Way to go Maknae and your eagle eyes! LOL

Daesung's smile...oh his smile. I was really curious if his smile was a angelic in person as it was on TV/print...it was much better. Seeing him smile made me smile, it was infectious. During his solo, Wings, he didn't have wings. Which was a bummer but the stage was pretty small and it would've been difficult to move around with them on. Needless to say, he also didn't fly. If the harness broke I bet thousands of VIPs (the name of the fan club) will get injured trying to break his fall. In retrospect, I am glad he didn't sing "Baby Don't Cry" because I would've probably cried if I heard him sing that live especially after all he's been through.

Taeyang, the ball of energy. I swear he's like the very hot and sexy version of the energizer bunny. He just keeps on going and going and going...what can I say about him? He was the most difficult to take a picture of. Seriously, he's all over the place in the best way possible. His smile, like Daesung's, was beautiful (understatement, I know). His voice was velvety smooth and very wonderful to hear live. He was the one who started it all for me. I heard his song while Channel V was on the background and I instantly fell in love with his voice.

It's been over a month since the concert and the feeling I get from remembering the events of that night still leaves me smiling like an ignoramus. And I do not mind it one bit. I hope the next time they hold a concert here, the circumstances would be different; that everyone will be able to enter the venue on time and technical problems are left to a minimum so that concert-goers like me would barely notice.


this was in my drafts...I do not know what this is about. LOL but that cute rolling panda is still a winner. >.<

It's been a LONG time...

It's been a while since my last post, I just didn't know what to write about. My current "freelance" state isn't really doing much for my bank account. LOL

I watched a concert for the first time in my life last month, October 24, 2012 with my friends. It was a kpop concert, I never imagined myself liking pop music much less Korean Pop music but there I was, dragging my friend all over the place until the show began. I will blog about it, albeit incoherently, later.

To get rid of the post-concert depression that fans around the world experienced, I decided to read the "in" novel these days, the Fifty Shades trilogy. It was entertaining yet I think there are more publish-worthy fictions online. Will write a very brief review later as well.

In other news, I REALLY want to go visit Korea and Japan. I recently achieved my childhood dream of visiting Cambodia earlier this year and it was beyond my expectations. I might start a travel blog soon too, as requested by my friends. They have been joking that for an unemployed person, I sure travel a lot.

Well, I guess that's it for the intro.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kpop and Reading...

In the past, I used to read while listening to music. In fact, I cannot study or read a novel without listening to music. It was my way of drowning out reality and immersing myself in my alternate world. I must say that in the past, I used to listen to rock music; OPM and Japanese Rock which seem like the perfect catalyst for my goal.

In recent months however, I started listening to Kpop particularly BIGBANG. I am so hooked on their music that my friends even find me weird. (In my defense, I also do not know why I act like this. LOL) Anyway, I started reading a new book again after months of withdrawal and I decided to change the music that I listen to while reading. We all know that kpop is widely different from rock music but I never would've guessed how much different it's result would be to my reading habit.

I could not focus on my reading while listening to kpop...not at all. Well I guess it's because trying to read while trying not to dance like a lunatic is difficult and miles apart from reading while bobbing your head (with rock music).

While writing this, I had to stop multiple times because I get distracted by the playlist. My conclusion is that listening to kpop while trying to read or write DO NOT go well with me. I prefer to listen to kpop while playing a game or while chilling, but not while trying to perform tasks which require full concentration. In addition, I will revert to my old playlist while reading or writing. :)

This is in no way bashing kpop...put yourself in my shoes. Try listening to this

while trying to ready a novel by Shuzaku Endo. LOL 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Confessions of a K-pop Noob: Fanwar Woes

Tired of getting caught between two fighting fandoms? Well, so am I.

Confessions of a K-pop Noob: Fanwar Woes

Salute to Doplhy: One of Philippines' Most Talented Artists

Truth be told, I wasn't a fan of Dolphy Quizon's comedy when I was young. Although I grew up watching "Home Along da Riles", some of his skits didn't really reach me. Perhaps it was because of my young age, where only the Flintstones and the Jetsons were able to tickle my funny bone. However some time between my adolescence and adulthood, I came across his old films. There I was able to see the genius in his comedy and the art in his drama.

Most people pay tribute to him because of his comedy that they neglect to respect his artistry. Dolphy is not just a comedian, he's a beautiful actor. His film "Markova" was the first film of his that I saw that has depth. It delved into historical facts and human aspects of war. His acting, along with his children, were so impeccable that I couldn't help but shed tears. Then I was able to watch "Ang Tatay kong Nanay" which gave me goosebumps. Because of Dolphy, I always want to cry whenever I hear the song "Send in the Clown." It just gave the song a deeper and more concrete example.

Mang Dolphy has a knack of bringing characters to life. Be it in comedy or in drama, he brings the necessary  colors to his character. He is an artist worth remembering and respecting. The nation, not just he entertainment industry, lost a very inspirational person but his legacy still lives on.

My world is a better place because of your artistry. May your soul rest in peace. It is now time for you to shine your light in the next life. Thank you.