Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kpop and Reading...

In the past, I used to read while listening to music. In fact, I cannot study or read a novel without listening to music. It was my way of drowning out reality and immersing myself in my alternate world. I must say that in the past, I used to listen to rock music; OPM and Japanese Rock which seem like the perfect catalyst for my goal.

In recent months however, I started listening to Kpop particularly BIGBANG. I am so hooked on their music that my friends even find me weird. (In my defense, I also do not know why I act like this. LOL) Anyway, I started reading a new book again after months of withdrawal and I decided to change the music that I listen to while reading. We all know that kpop is widely different from rock music but I never would've guessed how much different it's result would be to my reading habit.

I could not focus on my reading while listening to kpop...not at all. Well I guess it's because trying to read while trying not to dance like a lunatic is difficult and miles apart from reading while bobbing your head (with rock music).

While writing this, I had to stop multiple times because I get distracted by the playlist. My conclusion is that listening to kpop while trying to read or write DO NOT go well with me. I prefer to listen to kpop while playing a game or while chilling, but not while trying to perform tasks which require full concentration. In addition, I will revert to my old playlist while reading or writing. :)

This is in no way bashing kpop...put yourself in my shoes. Try listening to this

while trying to ready a novel by Shuzaku Endo. LOL 

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