Monday, September 21, 2009

On Becoming a Lady?

Yes, that is a question mark. And before you get the wrong impression, no I am not a lesbian. I am really not what you would call a "lady" (no, I am also not a slut) because I rarely say things like "Oh my god! He's so HOT!" or "I will get my nails done after I buy a new pair of shoes." I have always been a tomboy; watching sports, not combing my hair, and just lounging around. I curse like a drunken sailor and do not apply make-up even when I go to bars and parties. However during this long weekend I find myself gushing about guys. I am not in love like my friends say I am. I just found a celebrity crush.

Yesterday, while going on yaya duties for my nephew, I went to the mall for some grocery shopping. While eating at a pizza joint, I heard people scream not out of fear but out of pure excitement. Apparently a local actor has a mall tour, no big deal right? I have never been fond of looking at celebrities and I am not one to bulldoze my way into a crowd just for a glimpse of a "star." However, this one was different...Let me present to you my celebrity crush...

The very talented and extremely hot, Coco Martin. I caught the end of his mall show and let me just say that his smile is intoxicating. Provided that he lip synced to the song of his teleserye, he still lit up the stage with his charisma and dazzling smile. Honestly, he wasn't that tall but what he lacked in height, he made up with his enchanting presence. Fine, I will stop here for now. Enough gushing like a bewildered teenager. One last thing, he is not just another pretty face who shot to fame because he went nude, the boy has real talent. So let us see beyond his lovely face and watch him as he wreaks havoc as his character Ramon terrorizes uber mushy love tandems.

Monday, September 14, 2009

UAAP Cheerdance Heartbreak

I am a proud Thomasian. A proud supporter of the Salinggawi Dance Troupe. After two years of not being able to watch the competition, I was extremely anxious to watch this year's showdown. We were all in high spirits and of course, with high hopes. Unfortunately, we were not able to capture a place in the podium this year. Oh well, there's always a first time for everything. I am proud of their achievements thus far. I felt that they wanted to reinvent themselves by not doing their usual pirouettes and floor exercises. I felt that if they have executed their stunts flawlessly, they would've captured at least the 3rd spot.

This is not to take anything away from the FEU Tamaraws. Their routine was impeccable and catchy. The Ateneo Blue Babble battalion's break through was a welcome change in the roster of winners. Being able to watch live from the coliseum, I was insulted with the reaction of the 3rd placers. It was not shown on TV but I think that they owe it to the non-placers to at least smile and accept their award graciously. I know that I am going to receive some heat from their supporters, and I don't care. Other teams would be more than happy to get their award, what they did was unacceptable. Congratulations to those who were genuinely happy to win!

I will not sour grape and say that any team in the top three shouldn't be there, because I respect the judges' opinions. I will not be like other fans who scream foul just because they didn't get the podium placement they want. I am happy that my school and our Salinggawi Dance Troupe were gracious even in defeat. Indeed, the loss was heartbreaking, I am sad even as I type these words. But, the show of support and camaraderie at the end of the awarding ceremony made me gloat with pride. This affirmed my belief that Thomasians, even in defeat, can still smile and be proud of our school. I AM PROUD TO BE A THOMASIAN! GO USTe!

P.S. I am not saying that ALL Thomasians received this loss with an open heart. Some were not as gracious as the others, and perhaps made comments that they shouldn't have. For that, I am apologetic. I hope that it is only out of shock that they said that, and would have an open mind about the whole event. Let us not be sour losers. Let us not be like the others who cannot accept defeat, even in victory.

Friday, September 11, 2009

YouTube Find: While stalking Osamu Mukai

I have been a fan of Osamu Mukai ever since I watched him in Nodame Cantabile. So when I accidentally found his facebook fan account, it all went tumbling down. Like the domino effect in international relations, one tab turned into two, and then thing I knew I was stuck in a blackhole of fan videos. However this one caught my attention. It was really well edited and it featured other artists that I also like; Horikita Maki and Yamapi.

DISCLAIMER: If you would notice, the translation is a bit off, that is because it is fake. The subs were made to fit the plot of the video maker and not the dialogue in the video. OK?

This is the first of four videos. I also LOVED the songs that s/he chose for the video. If you want to watch it further, you know what to do...follow the trail of "clickies" and be careful of the balckhole that is Youtube.

Ok. That's it. I will continue to stalk him now. Byebye..

Monday, September 7, 2009

While trying to unwind from work, I sometimes go around the net to look for interesting stuff. This time I stumbled upon Chico Garcia's blog post about having a bad day. Which I can totally relate to because today is an exceptionally bad day, and it hasn't even ended.

I found the pup so cute yet sad at the same time. Because no matter what he does, he still can't get what he wants. I really wanted to find out what happened to him after the video...because I felt that his struggle mirrored my own.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am Woman...cover your crotch?

As I was trying my best to focus on work the other day, a simple article caught my eye. It was about a woman in Pre-WWII Japan named Sada Abe. She came from an upper class family however things took a turn for the worse when she was raped by one of her acquaintances. She was sent to a geisha house by her father and turned into a lower class geisha who performed sexual acts with patrons. She then pursued a career in legal prostitution as it generates more money while still doing the same thing. She had lovers that claimed that she was insatiable and wouldn't be pleased with only one or two sessions. They grew tired and soon left her. She attempted to stop being a prostitute countless of times until the call for money and flesh beckoned her again.

She was taken as a mistress countless of times but what made her infamous was the afair she had with Kichizo Ishida. A self-made businessman who is known for womanizing. They had a very passionate afair, which Sada Abe called "love." She was so taken by the thought that she has to share her lover with other women, particularly his wife. They were fond of S&M (if you do not know what this is, it is either you are too young or too pure, so I won't explain this any further) so during one of their sexcapades, while Kichizo was sleeping, Sada asphyxsiated her lover which claimed his life.

The crime did not get famous for that though. After her lovers death, she dismembered him using a kitchen knife. She kept his penis and testicles in her purse and occasionally took it out and performed fellatio and other necrophiliac acts. There was a nationwide interest in her story that it mothered countless of other tales and movies for generations to come. She was caught and brought to justice only to be given pardon some years after the incident.

She killed her not out of anger or jealousy, but out of love and passion. Totally creepy, yet fascinating. So, would you kill for the same reason?