Friday, September 11, 2009

YouTube Find: While stalking Osamu Mukai

I have been a fan of Osamu Mukai ever since I watched him in Nodame Cantabile. So when I accidentally found his facebook fan account, it all went tumbling down. Like the domino effect in international relations, one tab turned into two, and then thing I knew I was stuck in a blackhole of fan videos. However this one caught my attention. It was really well edited and it featured other artists that I also like; Horikita Maki and Yamapi.

DISCLAIMER: If you would notice, the translation is a bit off, that is because it is fake. The subs were made to fit the plot of the video maker and not the dialogue in the video. OK?

This is the first of four videos. I also LOVED the songs that s/he chose for the video. If you want to watch it further, you know what to do...follow the trail of "clickies" and be careful of the balckhole that is Youtube.

Ok. That's it. I will continue to stalk him now. Byebye..

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  1. I am also a fan of Osamu Mukai..and his pair up with Maki was a delight to watch.