Monday, September 21, 2009

On Becoming a Lady?

Yes, that is a question mark. And before you get the wrong impression, no I am not a lesbian. I am really not what you would call a "lady" (no, I am also not a slut) because I rarely say things like "Oh my god! He's so HOT!" or "I will get my nails done after I buy a new pair of shoes." I have always been a tomboy; watching sports, not combing my hair, and just lounging around. I curse like a drunken sailor and do not apply make-up even when I go to bars and parties. However during this long weekend I find myself gushing about guys. I am not in love like my friends say I am. I just found a celebrity crush.

Yesterday, while going on yaya duties for my nephew, I went to the mall for some grocery shopping. While eating at a pizza joint, I heard people scream not out of fear but out of pure excitement. Apparently a local actor has a mall tour, no big deal right? I have never been fond of looking at celebrities and I am not one to bulldoze my way into a crowd just for a glimpse of a "star." However, this one was different...Let me present to you my celebrity crush...

The very talented and extremely hot, Coco Martin. I caught the end of his mall show and let me just say that his smile is intoxicating. Provided that he lip synced to the song of his teleserye, he still lit up the stage with his charisma and dazzling smile. Honestly, he wasn't that tall but what he lacked in height, he made up with his enchanting presence. Fine, I will stop here for now. Enough gushing like a bewildered teenager. One last thing, he is not just another pretty face who shot to fame because he went nude, the boy has real talent. So let us see beyond his lovely face and watch him as he wreaks havoc as his character Ramon terrorizes uber mushy love tandems.


  1. One word for Coco: "HOT"
    One word when we saw him: "KILIG!"

  2. hahaha..yeah. I can't take the grin off my face when I saw him. So HOT. haha