Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am Woman...cover your crotch?

As I was trying my best to focus on work the other day, a simple article caught my eye. It was about a woman in Pre-WWII Japan named Sada Abe. She came from an upper class family however things took a turn for the worse when she was raped by one of her acquaintances. She was sent to a geisha house by her father and turned into a lower class geisha who performed sexual acts with patrons. She then pursued a career in legal prostitution as it generates more money while still doing the same thing. She had lovers that claimed that she was insatiable and wouldn't be pleased with only one or two sessions. They grew tired and soon left her. She attempted to stop being a prostitute countless of times until the call for money and flesh beckoned her again.

She was taken as a mistress countless of times but what made her infamous was the afair she had with Kichizo Ishida. A self-made businessman who is known for womanizing. They had a very passionate afair, which Sada Abe called "love." She was so taken by the thought that she has to share her lover with other women, particularly his wife. They were fond of S&M (if you do not know what this is, it is either you are too young or too pure, so I won't explain this any further) so during one of their sexcapades, while Kichizo was sleeping, Sada asphyxsiated her lover which claimed his life.

The crime did not get famous for that though. After her lovers death, she dismembered him using a kitchen knife. She kept his penis and testicles in her purse and occasionally took it out and performed fellatio and other necrophiliac acts. There was a nationwide interest in her story that it mothered countless of other tales and movies for generations to come. She was caught and brought to justice only to be given pardon some years after the incident.

She killed her not out of anger or jealousy, but out of love and passion. Totally creepy, yet fascinating. So, would you kill for the same reason?

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  1. I studied about her back in college. Most of the guys were uneasy when the professor was describing the event. It was really funny.