Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kpop and Reading...

In the past, I used to read while listening to music. In fact, I cannot study or read a novel without listening to music. It was my way of drowning out reality and immersing myself in my alternate world. I must say that in the past, I used to listen to rock music; OPM and Japanese Rock which seem like the perfect catalyst for my goal.

In recent months however, I started listening to Kpop particularly BIGBANG. I am so hooked on their music that my friends even find me weird. (In my defense, I also do not know why I act like this. LOL) Anyway, I started reading a new book again after months of withdrawal and I decided to change the music that I listen to while reading. We all know that kpop is widely different from rock music but I never would've guessed how much different it's result would be to my reading habit.

I could not focus on my reading while listening to kpop...not at all. Well I guess it's because trying to read while trying not to dance like a lunatic is difficult and miles apart from reading while bobbing your head (with rock music).

While writing this, I had to stop multiple times because I get distracted by the playlist. My conclusion is that listening to kpop while trying to read or write DO NOT go well with me. I prefer to listen to kpop while playing a game or while chilling, but not while trying to perform tasks which require full concentration. In addition, I will revert to my old playlist while reading or writing. :)

This is in no way bashing kpop...put yourself in my shoes. Try listening to this

while trying to ready a novel by Shuzaku Endo. LOL 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Confessions of a K-pop Noob: Fanwar Woes

Tired of getting caught between two fighting fandoms? Well, so am I.

Confessions of a K-pop Noob: Fanwar Woes

Salute to Doplhy: One of Philippines' Most Talented Artists

Truth be told, I wasn't a fan of Dolphy Quizon's comedy when I was young. Although I grew up watching "Home Along da Riles", some of his skits didn't really reach me. Perhaps it was because of my young age, where only the Flintstones and the Jetsons were able to tickle my funny bone. However some time between my adolescence and adulthood, I came across his old films. There I was able to see the genius in his comedy and the art in his drama.

Most people pay tribute to him because of his comedy that they neglect to respect his artistry. Dolphy is not just a comedian, he's a beautiful actor. His film "Markova" was the first film of his that I saw that has depth. It delved into historical facts and human aspects of war. His acting, along with his children, were so impeccable that I couldn't help but shed tears. Then I was able to watch "Ang Tatay kong Nanay" which gave me goosebumps. Because of Dolphy, I always want to cry whenever I hear the song "Send in the Clown." It just gave the song a deeper and more concrete example.

Mang Dolphy has a knack of bringing characters to life. Be it in comedy or in drama, he brings the necessary  colors to his character. He is an artist worth remembering and respecting. The nation, not just he entertainment industry, lost a very inspirational person but his legacy still lives on.

My world is a better place because of your artistry. May your soul rest in peace. It is now time for you to shine your light in the next life. Thank you.