Thursday, September 30, 2010


I can't wait to watch this movie. Two of my most favorite harem boys actors come together for a heartwarming movie. Toma Ikuta and Osamu Mukai appear in this movie, but I guess Toma my dear is the lead guy here. I really can't wait to track down a subbed version of this movie.

In case you are like me whose brain sometimes sleeps in the gutter, it is not a yaoi or BL movie okies? It is about a heterosexual relationship...>.<

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remembering our Mentor

Our school might not have the best facilities, heck it may even look like a mental institution from the outside. But I had the best (and worst) experiences there that prepared me for the tough life in college.

In the past, I wasn't really proud of my school. I wasn't ashamed of it, but I didn't brag about it like the other members of my family who were from a famous school in Marikina. In fact most of them looked down on the school because it severely lacked the amenities that their schools had. Who could blame them? We didn't have a covered court, air-conditioned libraries, spacious fields, and what's left of the few trees in the campus were cut down because of termite infestation. But they didn't know the hell that we go through with academic requirements and extracurricular activities (that didn't seem optional) every year. From preschool to high school, nobody was spared. Daily lessons with pop quizzes, long tests with project deadlines, two theses (for 4th year HS), and plays, recitals, and whatnot on the side.

We had teachers who throw soldering projects from the second floor just to see if it holds and if it does, it means you cheated. We had no boundaries between girls and boys when it comes to projects and classes; girls learn about electronics with the boys and the boys learn to sew with the girls. We were taught equally without prejudice and special treatments. I guess this started my belief in equal opportunity (mind you, EQUAL not special treatments. NOT feminism).

Honestly, even when I was cursing the school for giving us "too much work" in our stay there I am quite thankful because it prepared me for college. I didn't have to adjust with the multiple deadlines and sleep-deprived school days. I learned how to multitask before my peers even heard of the word. Going to college seemed like a breeze because of the fundamentals and all the grinding we experienced in school.

Although my school is not as popular as the others surrounding it, it has produced well-mannered and capable individuals who are ready to face the hardships ahead. From the proper intonation of saying "good morning" to changing a florescent light to submitting perfect "plates" to writing a script, choreographing field demonstrations, cooking your own lunch, and properly addressing and thanking the canteen ladies and janitors. You taught us all these and more.

I might not have been the closest student to you. To be honest I was one of those kids who were hiding from you when you pass by. We feared that we will bleed ourselves dry just speaking to you. I know better now. I should've known better then.

So to the woman who made all these possible, I know you are resting in God's able hands. I'll take this opportunity to say this to you:

Goodbye and thank you, Mrs. Mallonga. Jesus. Loves. You.

This is a simple greeting taught to us by our mentors, gradually forgotten in our older years. But this best describes our respect and gratitude towards you. You can rest in peace knowing that we have imbibed the motto you instilled in all of us; do the right thing, at the right time, in the right place, with the right person and everything will turn our right.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Remember the days when everybody was wearing those ridiculous butterfly hair clips that seem to flutter when you move your head? Or the advent of the camera phones or the almighty iPod? Everybody just had to have them Classmates would come home to their parents wailing because they want one just like the popular kids at school.

I am proud to say that I am not one of those kids. I have never succumbed to peer pressure. I was the one who always kept to myself and didn't bother much with the fads. To this day, I have never owned any mac product and only owned second hand cellphones (aside from my SE W800i, which was a gift from my brother). I never really cared about what others think of me or if I will make friends. My belief is that if I would only make friends because of the stuff that I own, then I don't need those friends. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those people who live their lives without a care in the world. I still bother with ethics and those stuff (not in the context of religion though) .I don't push my beliefs to others, but I also don't let people tell me how to act. To each his own.

However in the past couple of weeks, my cousins have gotten jobs and I am left jobless. All my friends have their own careers (or are still studying) and I am left aimless. Having said that, I have gone on a frenzy...totally not good. I sent applications to various companies that I can't even remember. Totally not good.

Now I have permed hair. Which I actually kinda like.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

True Blood: Real Vampirism?

For years now, vampire stories and movies have been the source of cult followings and nighttime terrors. Well, that is before the shiny, twinkling, mushy vampires appeared. When I was little, I was able to watch vampire movies of old such as Blood for Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, Bram Stoker's Dracula (this gave me the most nightmares LOL), and Nosferatu (I didn't get nightmares from this, I couldn't sleep at all!) on tapes and VCDs. When Twilight was released and got so much POSITIVE reviews and fans, I thought the age when vampires were hot yet extremely dangerous were done. I was on the brink of mourning and despair.

I am happy and proud to say that the dangerously hot vampires are not yet dead. As shown in the picture, while Eric Northman is still angst-y and delicious, real vampires are back. I would put hearts in this post but I think vampires would vomit blood when they see it next to their names. LOL

Aside from True Blood, a more teen-friendly vampire-centric show is currently aired on ETC. Vampire Diaries is the mixture of twilight barf but with the edge of True Blood. PLUS Ian Somerhalder as the hot and dangerous vampire, Damon is such a great sight to behold.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fortunately, Boredom hasn't Killed me yet

Unemployed for almost 8months now. It's not like I haven't been looking for a job, it's just that the jobs that I like give me crappy reasons why they can't hire me or why I'm better suited else where. The most brilliant reason is "You might get bored with this job" and other variations. Believe it or not, it has been said to me not once, twice, but three times out of 5 interviews. One interviewer even said that I "look studious" and speak above average English so I can find a higher paying job. wtf?! When has speaking good English been a deterrent in finding a job? I don't know if I want to yell or laugh.

What makes me wonder is that why do they always say that I will be bored? Do I ooze boredom from my pores? Do I have a sign on my forehead warning them that I am bored? WHY!?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Korean Tsunami

The Korean "wave" has been steadily building up steam in the last couple of decades. From the influx of Korean migrants in the country to the proliferation of their yummy spicy food and of course, the invasion of their Korean drama series and pop music. So much so that I can no longer bear to call it a mere wave, but a tsunami.

I am afraid that after their drama series and movies infiltrated our local TV and movie industry, their next step is to take over our local music industry. I must confess that I watch their romantic comedy series like Full House, Princess Hours, Witch Yoo-hee, Coffee Prince, and so much more in the past. (The guys were so cute, I couldn't help myself LOL) But honestly, their stories were quite funny albeit dramatic at times and unrealistic. The point is most Pinoys prefer to watch K-dramas than local shows. (If you find Korean series overly dramatic, then watch Philippine dramas and see what DRAMA really is. LOL) As I type this blog, my mom and dad are watching a Korean period series whose title I cannot seem to remember. My dad barely allows us to watch a local drama without a cuss word escaping his mouth.

In recent Myx countdowns, there has never been a shortage of K-pop music while local acts barely make it to the top20. Unlike my lack of enthusiasm for local dramas, I LOVE OPM. I enjoy listening to local bands and their own compositions. Among my favorites are Urbandub, Rivermaya (Bamboo MaƱalac/Rico Blanco days LOL), Eraserheads, Sandwich, Kjwan, and many more. I am not fond of those Korean "bands" and their dance moves so I feel irritated that it's everywhere while local acts settle for leftovers. Don't get me wrong, I like a couple of their songs. But most of the time I tend to switch the channel to save my sanity. I am just sad that many local acts that are far better (in my opinion) are getting overshadowed by foreign acts. Don't even get me started with Korean-wannabes, ok? I might throw myself into the Pacific Ocean if they multiply in number.

I must concede to this, MANY of those Korean actors and singers are as cute as a button and hot as hell. LOL For that, I can look at their pictures.