Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Korean Tsunami

The Korean "wave" has been steadily building up steam in the last couple of decades. From the influx of Korean migrants in the country to the proliferation of their yummy spicy food and of course, the invasion of their Korean drama series and pop music. So much so that I can no longer bear to call it a mere wave, but a tsunami.

I am afraid that after their drama series and movies infiltrated our local TV and movie industry, their next step is to take over our local music industry. I must confess that I watch their romantic comedy series like Full House, Princess Hours, Witch Yoo-hee, Coffee Prince, and so much more in the past. (The guys were so cute, I couldn't help myself LOL) But honestly, their stories were quite funny albeit dramatic at times and unrealistic. The point is most Pinoys prefer to watch K-dramas than local shows. (If you find Korean series overly dramatic, then watch Philippine dramas and see what DRAMA really is. LOL) As I type this blog, my mom and dad are watching a Korean period series whose title I cannot seem to remember. My dad barely allows us to watch a local drama without a cuss word escaping his mouth.

In recent Myx countdowns, there has never been a shortage of K-pop music while local acts barely make it to the top20. Unlike my lack of enthusiasm for local dramas, I LOVE OPM. I enjoy listening to local bands and their own compositions. Among my favorites are Urbandub, Rivermaya (Bamboo MaƱalac/Rico Blanco days LOL), Eraserheads, Sandwich, Kjwan, and many more. I am not fond of those Korean "bands" and their dance moves so I feel irritated that it's everywhere while local acts settle for leftovers. Don't get me wrong, I like a couple of their songs. But most of the time I tend to switch the channel to save my sanity. I am just sad that many local acts that are far better (in my opinion) are getting overshadowed by foreign acts. Don't even get me started with Korean-wannabes, ok? I might throw myself into the Pacific Ocean if they multiply in number.

I must concede to this, MANY of those Korean actors and singers are as cute as a button and hot as hell. LOL For that, I can look at their pictures.

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