Friday, October 16, 2009

Food Trip #1

I was really supposed to blog about the Euro-Japanese resto that we ate in last Monday, but some $hit happened to my phone, and I can't retrieve the pictures. So here come my other food photos...

My coworkers and I enjoy looking at food blogs *cough*at work*cough* so we always get tempted to eat out. Unfortunately, we do not have the highest paying salary that would help us sustain our addiction. So from time to time, we would indulge a bit and satisfy our food cravings. Today I will share our Delifrance experience...

I ordered the French Dip Roast Beef Sandwich and Oriental Shrimp Salad. It was certainly delicious! I was only able to eat half the sandwich so I took it home for my parents. (Hey, I didn't touch it so it's still clean and sanitary) The meat was so tender that I didn't have difficulty in eating it. The bread was freshly baked which made it more appetizing for me. The salad contained something I have never eaten...cucumber! I hate cucumber, but I was trying to change, so I ate it...and it didn't taste as bad as I imagined it to be (when I was a kid, I didn't think that cucumbers were edible because I thought it was only meant to reduce the puff in your eyes). The shrimp was fresh and so was the mandarin orange. The other greens had the right crunch to it, and the smoothness of the orange and the chewy-ness (?) of the shrimp was a delightful combo. The crab sticks were also good, but nothing spectacular (not really a fan of crab sticks in gengeral).

We found out the hard way that we need to pre-order our deliveries a day before so that they could process it. We were told that we had to wait a couple of hours before they can bring it to the office. Good thing though that somebody backed out and a slot was free so they were able to deliver our fix before lunch break was over.

Here come the other pictures...


  1. Ahhh I love this French Roast Dip! Next time again frend ah :-)

  2. yeah, ang sarap tlga niya! hehe..