Friday, October 23, 2009

Food Trip #2

A month ago a new Korean restaurant opened in Antipolo, just along Sumulong Highway. The area used to be my home for roughly a decade of my life until we moved to Marikina. this is actually the second Korean joint established in our former home. Anyway, after work my parents decided to accept the invitation of our new tenants to eat there at the opening ceremony. We ate samgyupsal, the very long and tough noodles (I actually already forgot what they were called) but they were delicious! Here are some pictures. I forgot to take pictures of the other dishes because it was like a battlefield in our table, our family's You snooze, you lose policy still stands even in public places.

A crappy picture from my phone, but this is part of the free side dishes that they serve for you. I swear, these side dishes could double as a main meal. just order rice...haha. Joke. But the weird looking squidball-tasting strips were really delicious. My family loved the gigantic bean sprouts. And the Kimchi is really good (SPICY!!).

The rice cake the they served was also a pleasant surprise. I was half expecting it to be too sweet that I won't be able to eat it. But it turns out to be a great after-meal food. My parents had to ask for forks though because it was a bit tough to eat with chopsticks. Even my brother who didn't like sweets that much enjoyed this dish. Oh yeah, it also came free with the side dishes.

As previously mentioned, we ate samgyupsal and the beef rib counterpart of the said wrap. (Sampgyupsal is pork) We also ordered spicy squid strips with vegetables and a fish dish. Who do their names have to be so hard to remember? Couldn't they have called them Bae Youngjun, Lee Junki or Won Bin instead?

This is the tough noodle dish that I was telling you about. At first we had great difficulties eating it because it was so long and slippery that it slides directly to our throat. And we can't cut it with our teeth...then we saw how the Koreans eat it...they cut it up with a pair of scissors in the bowl and scoop it out with the chopsticks. *toinks*

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