Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rock Star Phail: Jonas Brothers

doesn't he look gay here? or is he?

About a week ago I heared in the news that a certain Jonas Brother experienced a wardrobe malfunction. First thing that entered my mind was: "This is their rock star moment!" but then again they never cease to let me down. It would've been a wonderful moment for them to turn into actual rock stars! blah.

It is not beyond rock fans to go gaga over some flesh shown by their rock icons. However because they are pseudo rockers (like posers, only popular) they do not know the concept of fan service. I found a short clip of the "incident" tell me what you think.

On the other hand, this is what real rock stars do. (well not really, but this is what I call FANSERVICE!) View only if you are brave.


  1. Aaawww... It was a total PHAILure! They didn't grabbed that fan-service chance of a lifetime!

    On the other hand, Gackt!!!! That's what you call fan-service, baby!

  2. Hahaha..yeah. Too bad for them. This small window might never open again for them. The rock gods welcomed them into rock stardom!But they blew it.

    Although Gackt may not be the best dancer in the land, at least the fan service is still HOT! hahaha