Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Monkeys are Drowning

I can't help but feel irritated every time I think about this comment. The "rain rain don't go away..." comment made by a stupid and heartless bitch (I will not name the nationality) really struck a nerve in me. I'm sorry if I'm still a bit hung over on the incident, but my family and I have yet to resume normal life since the calamity. I am not complaining, I am just pissed that somebody would make a comment like this. Amongst my group of friends, I am perhaps the most heartless and sharp-tongued. But never in my life did I say something as terrible as this; putting someone down when they have already suffered enough.

One of the biggest reasons why I took offense in this comment was because of where it came from. Not to be arrogant, but most of her countrymen come to MY COUNTRY, the "land of monkeys," to learn English and to study. They came here to tell me, if we are monkeys and you came to learn from us, then what are you supposed to be? Just a thought to ponder...that is if you can think logically. I am not saying that my country is better than yours, but don't dare criticize us if you know NOTHING!

I know that this is not a calamity that people from other countries will remember. But for us who suffered, who are still suffering from this, that heartless comment felt like our entire person was being stomped upon by a *insert derogatory remark here* and it hurts. As much as I would like to say that it doesn't matter, it hurts because we are in pain. The smallest hint of ridicule from a *insert derogatory remark here* is unacceptable. What would you do if we threw back your countrymen back there? Don't think that we are making much money from you cheapskates. You are reputed to be the most miserly tourists in every tourist destination here. But I am not saying that you are all like that, some are nice and friendly. I just hope there were more of them and less of people like you.

A little video for those who talk crap but are ignorant.


  1. "most of her countrymen come to MY COUNTRY, the "land of monkeys," to learn English and to study. They came here to LEARN..."

    And this my friend is something they do not take seriously in our country - learning english. So if we are monkeys, well then, we're smarter than them and what are they called now? Student of monkeys? Sooner or later they will have their piece of their own "Ondoy". Bashing ito!

  2. hahaha! yeah, Bashing ito! hehe...calm na ako ngayon. Just needed to release this..haha. Imbyerna tlga e. Imagine, you are tired because of cleaning the entire week and emotionally drained, then you see a comment like that? hahaha...