Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Imortal on ABS-CBN

Think Twilight meets Underworld with a few hints of Anne Rice's vampire chronicles. That is what I first thought of when I saw the first episode of Imortal. Now before my friends kill me and dispose of my body, I am not saying that Twilight is comparable to the aforementioned stories and/or movies. I'm just saying that the plot is a mixture of those stories.

Twilight, well because of the whole "vegetarian" vampire thing and producing a child between human and vampire who will be stronger than any other vampire.

Underworld because of the whole vampire-werewolf forbidden romance.

Vampire Chronicles, particularly Interview with the Vampire, because of the whole "maker is a vicious vampire while the newly turned vampire wants to be vegetarian" bit. Remember? Lestat is a very proud vampire while our dear Louis insists on feeding on rats and rabbits.

So far, I am not happy with the acting and the make up of the show. Really, they look too pasty and the vampires are sweating. WHAT? I haven't seen a vampire sweat before and I don't think they are supposed to sweat.

I must say though that the young John Lloyd there is so CUTE! Crush ko talga siya! I think Bugoy is his name...he's so cute!


  1. I don't mind watching this series. Of course because John Lloyd is there and the ideal body shape that I wanted in the form of Angel Locsin hahah. I'm just disappointed that they' don't have the originality in the storyline. T_T Well it's better this than "Kristine" @_@

  2. agree!! And the little boy there was just so cute! haha (the kid JL..LOL) It is WAY better than Kristine or Idol (even if Coco Martin is there, it just irritates me. >.<)