Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hotaru no Hikari Season 2

This series has been finished for quite some time now but since it was first uploaded on a streaming site that just plain SUCKED, I was only able to finish it yesterday.

Anyway, the new character played by Mukai Osamu is just made of WIN! I don't think I am biased here, I know he is my favorite actor and he is just so HOT, but I actually genuinely like his character; the "freeter" who eventually finds motivation to do a good job. The man whom you can ask for pieces of advice which you might actually follow. And the nice guy who doesn't force his feelings for the girl he loves.

True to "himono onna' (dried woman) fashion, Aho-miya is still the lazy lady with a hardworking attitude in the office. The humor is still there and Buchou is actually starting to open up. The sequel is definitely worth watching!

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