Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pinoy sa Puso't Diwa

Although I might not have the best grammar in my native tongue, I would still like to believe that I am a proud pinoy. Not 100% of the time, but most of my life I have never been ashamed of saying that I am a Filipino.

There have been a lot of misconceptions about Filipinos--Filipinas. One is that we are "easy" women; would do anything for a green card. This is perhaps one of the most revolting perception of foreigners about my countrymen. They go as far as to say that Pinays are "sex workers" who exchange sex for money or a chance to live in a foreign country.

Another infuriating notion is that Filipinos are ill-educated or worse, stupid. I really can't blame foreigners for thinking like this because our media portrays us as such. Movies, news, and even online articles are filled with negative comments about us. Our own kind, treating us as garbage. what is more painful is that some pinoys believe them. When in front of a foreigner, we lower our heads and accept their criticisms like they were facts.

Why can't we have more pride in ourselves, in our nation? The Philippines is a wonderful country gifted with beautiful natural resources and resourceful people. If only we could stop looking for an easy way out and find ways to sustain our growth and resources, we could be a powerful and rich nation. One that would be emulated (again) by neighboring countries and even across the seas.

Let's not leave everything up to chance and the government. We should be responsible for our own destiny; supporting and supported by the government.

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