Thursday, August 5, 2010

Troubleshooting: Changing a Flat Tire

I don't know how to drive but I do know the principle of changing a flat tire. My dad has always been angry with my siblings for not knowing how to change a flat tire or even how to take care of their cars. He always says "takbo kayo ng takbo, hindi naman kayo marunong gumamit." He also adds that he is already tired of fixing their mess. This made me think about the past problems that my siblings and I faced that my father had to fix. Even if we were in the middle of the express way or back in school, he would rush to the site and fix the problem...he's not even a mechanic.

Not only in changing a flat tire, but also in our personal problems. He was always there to guide us and even battle "evil" school nurses who want to cut my nails. My father taught me how to
choose my battles, fight it on my own if I can, and ask for help when I can no longer handle it. He just doesn't want us to keep on running with flat tires.

In life and in changing a flat tire, you just have to remember that there are necessary tools to help us get by. What matters most is that we know how to use them. The jack is there to lift the tires from the dirty ground, the wrench to remove unwanted attachments, and the spare to help us to keep moving forward to our destination.

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