Friday, August 13, 2010

Where are All the Nice Guys?

A male cousin of mine posted a craigslist article with the title "Where are all the Nice Guys" on his wall on Facebook and "dedicated" it to "teases" and aptly tagged a couple of female friends.

The title of the article was quite catchy so I read it. Obviously the writer was male...and quite angry at women. He answered the question in a matter-of-fact manner as if it was as clear as a summer's day. What happened to the nice guys? Well WOMEN happened to them.

He pointed out that the guy who would spend time with us as a FRIEND and come over to watch a movie when we are lonely and too lazy to go out WAS the nice guy. The guy who would listen to us rant about how much of an asshole the guy we are dating was, WAS the nice guy that we were looking for. However since we were too busy dating assholes and bastards, we didn't have time to pay attention to the nice guy who provides us emotional support. In the end, that nice guy got fed up and decided to become one of those assholes who get laid.

In the end, it's still about one thing for this "recovering nice guy." It's still about getting the girl AND getting LAID. In the first place, if you were really interested in the girl, then why not tell her directly? Why not say "Hey, will you be interested in going out with me?" Being nice is great, but even if you act that way, if you do not make your intentions clear then there is nothing we can do about it. We might say "he's so sweet. I think I like him...but he only sees me as a friend. we're JUST friends." Another thing, when men act nice to women and the girl suddenly thinks that "he likes me" some people would see the woman as "assuming" and label her as "desperate."

So, if you are really one of those nice guys and you want to date or get in a relationship with a girl, be NICE and tell her your intentions. Do not keep us guessing then blame us for turning you into an asshole or for letting the "chance" of snatching a nice guy pass us by. There is no use in telling us you LIKED us but we just didn't catch on to your nice guy game.

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