Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ako'y Mamumundok

My first climb was when I was an incoming freshman in High School. To celebrate the graduation of the people in the family, we all went to the Mountain Province. I was such a failure at hiking up the Batad trail because I was wearing platform shoes (genius, I know) and was severely out of shape (the real reason). Ever since then, I have always wanted another shot at braving the outdoors.

Well, my time to redeem myself has finally come! I am going up to Mount Batulao in Batangas with my parents and godparents. LOL It is a beginners climb, so I am hoping I do well. I will also bring my camera to take some shots of the scenery. I just hope that my brother dearest doesn't drain the battery of the camera. (Coincidentally, as I was typing this, my brother sent me an SMS regarding a seat sale in Cebu Pacific. LOL)

Oh well, I need to look for proper shoes to wear for tomorrow.

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