Monday, March 1, 2010

The Calendar is my New BFF

I have always been fond of traveling, it is perhaps the only thing that I inherited from my mother. I actually wanted to be a diplomat when I was a kid (until I graduated from college) because I was under the impression that they would be traveling around the world as their job.

Anyway, I guess this year my dream of going to various places around the Philippines and even a foreign country, is finally coming true (at least a little bit). My friends and I will be going to Macau and Hong Kong this April and this May, my family is going to Batanes. I just love it! I'm so happy even if the planning for the trip is taking quite a lot of energy and patience, I know that it will all be worth it in the end.

Other trips are in the works, hopefully it would all push through and that the budget of a bum like me would be able to accommodate them all. I am thinking of getting a baito to sustain my trips...LOL


  1. Great! Pasalubong para sa amin ha! :)

  2. LOL kapareho ng mga ibibigay ko sa lahat ng nagsabi sa akin niyan...PICTURES AND KWENTO ang pasalubong ko. Un lang afford ko e. hahaha