Monday, March 15, 2010

Choco Flakes, Chili Flakes, Corn Flakes! My friend is a complete FLAKE

Imagine waking up at around 4 in the morning just to receive a text message saying "Good AM. Hindi na po ako makakarating mamayang 6AM. Sana wag kayong magalit and huwag kayong magsawang ayain ako sa mga lakad. Ingat kayo." (Good morning. I won't be able to meet you at 6AM. I hope you won't get angry and still invite me next time. Be safe.) We have planned this for over a week and she backs out the last minute? The first few times she did it was already infuriating but this just takes the cake. Just two hours before our scheduled trip, she backs out. Brilliant!

She has been my friend for around 10 years now so I am supposed to be used to it. It's just irritating that she hasn't changed this nasty habit yet. She makes up some excuse like she's studying for a gazillion questions for her review but I see her online the entire day on facebook. So I made up my resolve to NOT talk to her for a short period of time. Just until my emotions and urge to yell at her subsides. After that, I will talk to her properly about this..AGAIN.

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