Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Being a Responsible Citizen

In case you missed all the posters, ribbons, fliers, internet ads, social networking campaigns, and of course the multimedia advertisements I congratulate you the presidential election is rearing it's ugly head. As annoying as their ad campaigns are, we still have to take a couple of minutes from facebook and keep an open ear and eye out for possible truths amidst all the lies.

Personally, I don't buy all the bullshit in their TV ads. What I do is watch their debates and look for their achievements and stands on current issues. There are others who might claim they support this and that, but in their senate records they voted against the bill that they claim to endorse(what's worse, if they abstained or was absent from the meeting). There are "minutes of meetings" in the congress website, or the Makati Business Club , and many other websites. You can call on their bluff without even stepping outside of your home.

DO NOT BE AN IGNORANT VOTER. Contrary to popular belief, being allowed to vote is not our only responsibility (others don't even think that it's their responsibility but their right. i won't go into this for now). Researching about your potential president, vice president, senators, congressmen, governors, mayors and many more is a big part of the democratic process. Participating in civil debates or even street corner conversations is also a wise thing to do. By doing this, you will be more aware of who you are voting for and his/her capability to lead our nation.

For the life of everything around you and in the name of everything you hold dear...please do not vote for somebody just because he is a relative of a famous person, or he's endorsed by your favorite athlete, actor, singer, or comedian. Most especially, do not vote for somebody because you think he has the highest chance of winning or your next door neighbor will vote for him. Vote for him because you think that he is a leader worthy to be called the President of our beautiful country. The Philippines is a country so rich in culture, history, natural resources, and is the home of many bright people. Do not waste your vote by settling for somebody who is all talk and no action. Do not settle for somebody who promises not to squander the people's money, but vote for somebody who works hard for his keep.

I do not believe that our country is hopeless, we are only as hopeless as we want to believe.

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