Saturday, April 3, 2010

Visita Iglesias 21st century Style

Every year, my mother makes it a point that she mixes two of her most favorite things in the world; traveling and religion. Going on "Visita Iglesias" can be quite fun actually. However over the years many things have changed. For instance, most people actually prayed when they go in churches in the past. These days, people went in to get pictures and act like photographers. Unfortunately, my brother and I were sort of guilty of this. We sat and prayed for a while, but we also went to take pictures. This reinforced my belief that churches in our country can actually be beautiful.

We are not very religious, my mom considers it a miracle that I enter the church for mass more than twice a year. However I must concede that it is fun looking at the architectural beauties called as churches. Please do not think that I am an evil evil bitch because I don't go to mass. I am not an atheist, I just don't think we need religion to be kind and conscientious.

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