Monday, April 12, 2010

You're Beautiful

I just love this song...I am not a fan of Korean bands and dramas, but I do listen and watch some of them. I would not go to a crowded place just to get a glimpse of Korean guys it would be a different matter altogether if it was Mukai Osamu or Ikuta Toma though.

I watched You're Beautiful some time ago, but I still smile whenever I remember the scenes there. I was also pretty amazed when I found out that the actors there did their own singing. (I just a sucker for musicals so I guess this is the closest they can get to it)

My aunt is going gaga over it! She has watched it like three times already on her i-touch. I think I will watch it again in the near future, just to get my dose of drama-music-comedy. On another note, I always root for the second lead! It sort of sucks...when will I ever cheer for the lead guy?!

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