Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Think Therefore I am for GIBO TEODORO

This is the last campaign day; last day of those annoying commercials. Thank goodness.

As the title denotes, I am for Gibo Teodoro. Popularity aside, I think that he has the best chance of improving the situation in our country. He will not be preoccupied with his personal vendetta and trying to please other people. He would go right down to business and run our country. He strikes me as a no nonsense kind of man; a man who is not ruled by his emotions when it comes to making decisions.

I want to shout at people who say "sayang lang ang boto ko sa kanya, hindi naman siya mananalo e." Well I say, mas sayang ang boto mo kung iboboto mo ang isang taong popular nga, pero wala rin namang magagawa para sa bansa natin. Contrary to popular belief, elections are supposed to be a system wherein we vote for people based on credentials and not on POPULARITY. This is our NATIONAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS and not a popularity contest in school. Vote based on credentials and merit, not based on relatives and endorsers.

Do not pay heed to the surveys because "I was not asked by the survey." Survey companies admitted that they only surveyed roughly 2000 respondents. That is not a reliable representation of the entire voting population. Ask the friends of your friends, I'll bet that none of them were asked by the survey.

For my VP, I will vote for Bayani Fernando. As a marikenyo, I know how effective he is in public administration and implementing laws and statutes. He will be the man of Political Will to discipline the Filipinos and execute our otherwise good existing laws.

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