Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Time ^-^

After three renewals and a flooded passport, I was finally able to get it stamped! First stop was Macao. Since we arrived late, we had to pay 40MOP for the cab. >.< The meter said 17.50 but the cab driver insisted that we had to pay an extra 20MOP for the luggage. Good thing that our hotel was superb and it quickly turned the bad into good.

Our stay in Macao was short but sweet. The following day, we had to jet off to Hong Kong where it was raining pretty hard. Thank goodness that it was only for our first day. Our trip to Disneyland and the Giant Buddha was bright and sunny. A fair warning, if you avail of the city tour package, make sure to ask if you have to pay extra for additional rides. We had to pay 50HKD for the boat ride in Aberdeen garden because our tour guide didn't inform us of this small detail...what a joke. For the city tour alone, we shelled out 100HKD (50 for the boat lady and another 50 for the guide). The picture they took of me was nice, but it costs 160HKD for the set. Too expensive! So I didn't buy it. LOL

For me. the highlight was that of our tour in Ngong Ping 360. The cable car on our way to the Giant Buddha and Po Lin Monastery was just superb! When I go to Hong Kong again, I will most definitely go there once more and buy more Mochi. LOL

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