Saturday, February 6, 2010

Comabting Boredom WITHOUT the Internet

Due to certain circumstances, I am not allowed to stay in front of the PC for too long. I am also not allowed to do a lot of things. I am now a bum who stays at home all day (for two days now) and so far, I have been bored out of my wits. For those who now me, they are already aware that I get easily bored even during our hell sem in college. Others are already making bets on how long I can stay like this. So far, I am losing...terribly. My parents have been keeping a hawk's eye over me making sure that I am not doing anything prohibited.

I tried to quench my boredom by trying to watch the TV but everything is just BORING..that or the crappy political CAMPAIGN ads are pissing the hell out of me. I am too lazy to look for my unread books (I'll do that after the lab results are out) so reading is out of the question. So what have I been doing for my two days of bum-hood? I have been messing around with my nephew and niece. But I think carrying them around is also not allowed...I hate this.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome...not life-threatening or anything but most of the things I want to do all require my hands. So what do I do for now?

So far, my friend and I will TRY to bake. For somebody who can still burn hotdogs, this is a great leap for me. Wish us luck!!

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