Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funny News: No to Small Breasts!

A new censorship law has been passed in Australia banning publications and producers from showing small breasts. According to them, small breasts promotes pedophilia. Apparently when pedophiles see small breasts, they immediately think "ooohhh, little kid!"

Talk about adding insult to injury. As if women with small breasts do not have issues with their small lumps already, now a law likens them to little children and promoters of pedophilia. I don't know if I should laugh or be insulted by this.

What's more, when women with small boobs take pictures of themselves it is considered as creating a simulation of child pornography and is therefore obscene. Now publishers are said to be "increasing" the cup size requirement of their models. Cup A models are no longer allowed to pose because of this new law.

For a woman, I should be happy about this bit of legislation. However I can't help but feel that the people who passed this law are just being pigs. If they want to stop people from being perverts, then why not pass a legislation that disallows pornography altogether? Yeah yeah, I know that it's part of human nature to want to see naked bodies and what not. But singling out small breasted women and likening them to children is just foul and a bit perverted. It makes me wonder if they are really doing this for the children or they just want bigger breasts while wanking.

OK, gotta go back to work now...the feminist in me just wanted to blog about this. (I am not really a feminist, I am for equal rights though.)

On a side note, since small breasts are no longer allowed then small penises should also be banned. I mean, don't they make people think "ooooohhh, little boy!" Just a thought...in the spirit of fairness and equality, shouldn't we protect the welfare of the little boys as much as we protect the little girls from pedophiles?

Here is the link for the news article: No to small Breasts

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  1. LOL'd at your last statement. You have a point there, my dear.