Friday, January 29, 2010

Epic Fail: Children's Toys

My nephew is only 2 years old but he likes to shop around the market for toys. My parents like to bring him along so that he won't throw tantrums. Apparently, he takes after my mom; uneasy when indoors (in other words, super GALA). Anyway, whenever he returns from the market he always has a new toy or a pair of slippers. On most days, his sense of taste is just amazing. For a child to pick "puma" slippers among all those "beach walks" is something to be proud of. Much to his mother's dismay, he also buys candies and jellies from the market which he loves.

The other day, my parents took him to the usual places. But this time he wanted a toy...a paddle of sorts. It's one of those typical plastic paddles with a plastic film on the center. It's really noisy but somehow addictive to play with. What made it an epic failure was that the character on the middle was a confused inter-racial's sort of difficult to explain so i took a picture. Here it is:

Superman in a costume

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