Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hell Week?

They always said that we should start the week right...but what if you were doing everything for it to be OK then shit happens?

I woke up early last Monday so that I won't be late for work. However the dude from LTFRB won't let that happen. He stopped my shuttle for a good 30minutes. The old lady in the shuttle was bragging like hell that she worked for the government too blah blah blah. She also said that the driver should just "talk" to the dude and went so far as to say that "bayaran naman lahat yan e." (They can be bought) From her trail of thought, since she works for government and everybody can be bought does that mean that she can also be bought?

The following day was no different, crap happened at home and at work. I was in no mood to work and almost didn't meet my quota.

Wednesday was even more terrible because my workspace was infiltrated; my comfy chair was replaced with a crappy and uncomfortable one and my headset and other wirings for the PC were tampered with.

Thursday, I was losing hope. I was only looking forward to Friday because we can work from home. At least before the day ended, I was given a sort of good news. Thanks everyone!

Friday, a close friend and I bickered on facebook (on a public photo no less) because of some false statements she made about me and my other friends.

I just hope that this Saturday and Sunday would be different and that Monday would allow me to start over. Off to Gateway to plan our trip to HK!

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