Friday, November 20, 2009

Homosexual Partyl List in the Philippines?

No, I am not gay...but I Refuse to hate

A couple of days ago, I heard of news that the gay and lesbian community is trying to get their voices heard in the congress. Unfortunately they were stopped by the COMELEC because of their supposed "immorality." This context of immorality was based on two BOOKS; the Koran and the Bible. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there are little clause in the Philippine constitution called "THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE? So how can two religious books be the basis of a government body to refuse their filing for candidacy? And if those are the bases of your judgment, then most of our politicians are not allowed to take part in the elections. Junk Bong Revilla's COC and of course, Erap's petition too. It is no secret that those two politicians have mistresses and have children by them too. I believe that the BIBLE is against that, right?

Another reason they posed was that the gay and lesbian community are not part of the minority. Meaning what? I really do not understand that reasoning. In a debate that I watched, the opposition said that if they were allowed to file for candidacy, then why not allow prostitutes create a party list of their own? DUH! PROSTITUTION IS ILLEGAL therefore practitioners of this illegal act are not allowed to be represented in Congress

This is one of the reasons why I would like for us to have some changes in the constitution. It is so full of loopholes that when we studied it back in college, it made me reconsider my career path.

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