Friday, November 13, 2009

Love of Siam

It's already 1AM and I still have work tomorrow, but I just have to blog about this film! I was planning to watch it tomorrow, after work, but I just couldn't help myself. The review that Kring gave made me want to watch it ASAP.

BEWARE this is a gay film. Well, it's not's far from it. However the story is about two young men who find love in a very unconventional form. If you watch this film, you will find out why so many women watch shounen ai---not because if the hot guys making out with each other, but because somewhere in our hearts, we are yearning for the same level of love and passion from our partners.

Oh well, I guess you will never understand what I'm rambling about if you don't watch the film. For your sake, I implore you to watch this. AND MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE ENDING! Damn that made me cry...T-T

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