Thursday, October 27, 2011

Movie Review: No Other Woman

I know it's late, but I still want to make a review of this oh so popular film. My friends kept on bugging me to watch it so with the power of facebook, I was finally able to understand their infatuation with the film.

It was wonderfully directed. I never would've imagined myself cheering for Cristine Reyes. Because of all the news/ gossip about her, I was never a fan. For the first time, I actually wanted Derek to get snuffed. The script was creatively structured so that we will remember most of the lines. The locations were well-suited for the scenes. The wardrobe, apart from the "barney party", was so enviable!

Now for the characters. My friends said that Anne's character had redeeming factors towards the end. Well, yes. In some way, I understood her character while at the hospital. But for those who were saying that it was not Kara's (Anne's character) fault that Derek cheated on his wife, I'm sorry but I cannot agree. Provided that she didn't know that Ram (Derek's character)was married when they started flirting with each other, she new that he was married BEFORE THEY STARTED the affair. So she cannot feign ignorance. Ok, malandi siya. She didn't want to be in a committed relation ship, fine that's her choice! Ram is incredibly HOT, she thought he was single. FINE. But upon knowing that he IS in a committed relationship (i.e. MARRIED), kahit gaanong kalandi ung HOT married dude na un, married parin siya. OFF LIMITS. Go look for some other flirty hot dude who is not married and is willing to play. I'm sure marami dun sa tabi-tabi. Being hot and loaded doesn't justify being a mistress. Sabi nga sa movie: Ano mas mahirap kalabanin? Putang Mahirap o Putang Mayaman? PAREHO LANG SILANG PUTA. She backed off. Admirable? HELL NO. It would've been admirable if she didn't start the affair in the first place. She gave up, because she knew she lost.

Ram. No debate here. All my friends despised his character. But it just goes to show the reality that no matter how much a person loves his partner, as long as they are weak to temptations, they will cheat. Having a rich and smoking hot lady come after him is a huge stroke to his deflated ego. It's good that he returned to his wife. But he got the easy way out by getting into an accident. He was let off the hook too easily. You say that he already felt bad enough by hurting 2 women? That's his fault. Malandi siya e.

Cha. I really applaud Christine Reyes' acting here. In her afternoon drama, I find her acting to be quite flat and sometimes sharp, walang sakto lang. So this was a big breakthrough for her, IMO. I loved the scene when she confronted Ram about the affair while at the resort. You can see her pain and her anger. If I was emotional, I think that scene would've made me cry. The throw down was just a bonus. LOL

No Other Woman is a near perfect example of why I love movies from Star Cinema; great acting, captivating script, brilliant directing and production, and they try to think outside the box. They do not limit their actors to just playing the sweet, sexy, lovable characters. In one movie they are the lead, in the next they are the spiteful villains you would love to hate. They enable versatility. So why is it not perfect, well for starters I didn't love the ending. It was fine, but it wasn't my cup of tea. The storyline was already used in Aga's movie with Maricel Soriano. The approach was different, but the theme was the same: cheating husband repents and is forgiven.

My Rating: 4 out of 5.

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