Friday, July 17, 2009

Trying to Revive my Blogger Account...

I have been away from the blogger scene for quite a while now. The last two posts that I did was for a job application. My friends refuse to read my posts fearing the topic that I was assigned to write about would change their opinion of me. I am a non-romantic no non-sense kind of girl and writing about dates and "satisfying" loved ones is really not my thing. With that said, I would most probably not write about relationships and all that mushy stuff here...or I will. It really depends on what I feel like writing about.

I hope I can sustain this site..unlike the others that I have long forgotten about. I barely remember the account name of my first blogger account...which is kinda sad. I will make this a public blog, my private one will remain a mystery for most of you. (Wow, feeling maraming magbabasa ng blog ko?) I am not funny nor smart. I am not in touch with the latest fashion trends nor the hippest technology. I do not hang out in bars and coffee shops, but I am very opinionated. However I do not aim to change people with my opinions...I do not even claim them to be the ablsolute truth. My opnion is my opinion, if you disagree with it then you have a different opinion. If you wish to disagree and post a comment, you are welcom to do so but please be articulate and polite. I am still the owner of this blog and you are just passing by. This is just a precaution, incase flamers decide to grace my blog. (Feeling sikat? wala pa ngang followers e...)

Incase you haven't noticed, i am using two languages...perhaps I might even insert other words from different languages from time to time...but if you haven't noticed yet, I am a Filipino and damn proud to be one (most of the time). Perhaps since the 2010 elections is nearing, I would spend most of my efforts blogging about the elections and hopefully put some sense into it. (Please don't be scared of my blog...I promise to blog about things other than food and dramas...I do watch dramas...Japanese dramas.) hahaha...I guess this is it for now...feel free to add me up. I don't bite..much.