Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter and theHalf Blood Prince

It has been a while since I watched a movie in a theater...I can't even remember the last film that I watched in a movie house. I am really not fond of going to public places to watch movies, especially if I want to understand the plot. I find watching in public to be quite distracting. I hate hearing cellphones while watching the movie, kids crying, people asking "what happened?" or people explaining everything to their companion as if she was incapable of understanding the movie by herself. Yes, I am one of those snobs who get pissed off at the various distractions that do not belong in a movie house.

With that said, I initially wanted to watch the film in one of those high-end cinemas so that there would be few people and also less distractions. I am not being an elitist or anything like that. I just observed that the people who watch in these movies houses are more quiet and actually focus on the dialogues. I have yet to encounter a person who has the urge to be the narrator of the film for his "blind date." I planned to watch the film with college friends and colleagues in Podium or Shang, but alas some problems came knocking and I wasn't able to join them. I made plans with one of my college friends the following day to watch it in Gateway. I know, it is not exactly the high scale theater that I aimed for and I was prepared for the nuances of children babbling to their parents or yayas and also for wannabe narrators. Thank God that there were no would-be narrators in the cinema and only one child was noisy enough to bother me.


I must say that it was worth the wait. It was a mixtue of suspense and comedy with a touch of romance. The kid that bothered me was afraid of some scenes, which was quite understandable because even some of the adults and myself found ourselves jumping out of our seats in one of the scenes. I can understand the sentiments of some of the fans who were not satisfied with the film but I also understand that we cannot include everything from the book...the film would take AGES to finish. So, for a 2hr 33minn film I think that it brought justice to the book. I can't wait for the next film!! God! It would take too long...November 2010, I am waiting for you!

Ok...got to go...my colleagues are waiting for me.


  1. You're right about giving justice to the book. And same here, can't wait for the next and final sequel! ^___^

  2. Mas masarap parin ang pop corn ng Gateway...their pop corn an HP 6 Movie = heaven! KC and I enjoyed the movie and I can't get over the trailer of Orphan hehehe

  3. hahaha...let's watch Orphan in Gateway, I didn't read the spoilers so it would be fine with me. hahaha