Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thought of Horror

When my dad was watching/listening to DZMM teleradyo, I was slightly amused at how AWESOME their music was. My dad was tuned in to Dr. Love. In case you don't know, it plays old music, the type our grandparents used to listen to.

After two hours of the show, I was finally able to recognize ONE of the songs so I happily shared it on my FB page. My aunt commented that she was also listening to the show all the way in New Jersey. She said that she grew up listening to those songs and in the distant future, my cousins and I will be the ones listening to the same radio station and reminiscing. This made me think: what will be the classics of my generation? Then the scariest thought entered my head...will it by Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber music? Dear Lord NO!

In a musical perspective, comparing The Beatles to The Backstreet Boys is like comparing Creme Brule to marshmallow. Is my generation so artistically challenged that the music of the 60's still overshadows the present?

When I thought that I could include the music of Nirvana and Guns and Roses in my generation's list, my siblings cruelly pointed out that I wasn't born yet in their heyday. I wasn't even lucky enough to buy an album from those bands.

Don't even let my begin with OPM which is virtually nonexistent these days. Cover songs and remakes are all I hear from our local "artists" today. Sad but true. Even our band scene is slowly dying with the news of disbanding abound.

It is truly disheartening for my generation. We still have time! Please make good music that can topple the musicality of the songs of the past. Popularity is nothing if the art doesn't last.

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