Monday, August 17, 2009


The 2010 elections are coming up; signaled by the wanton display of campaigns masked as "infomercials." I am just thinking, if they can't even follow simple election codes, can they be trusted to run our country?

I just have a few short messages to some of them.

Mr. Piggy bank,

I know that the city you are handling is really rich, that is why you can boast of such facilities and services. However please bear in mind that the rest of the Philippines is not rich. In fact, we are heavily in debt. So how do you intend to carry that out throughout the nation? Increase taxes? Pay for it yourself like you did your ads?

Mr. Akala,

I used to like you...until you became just another one of those trapos who jumped ships at the first opportunity. By the way, your house is not nearly as small as other people's so do not claim that you are as poor as they are. At least you had a roof above your head, others live in cardboard boxes...literally.

Mr. Palengke-turned-pedicab,

Please do not use children in your quest for more money and power. It just irritates me. Another thing, do not use marriage as a platform to catapult you into the seat of power, it's not like the people are waiting for you to get married. Some things are meant to be private, this just turns your wedding into a circus.

If these are the only people who are running for presidency along with a former president turned convict, I would rather die right now. Besides, is the former president turned ex-con allowed to run for office again? Hello people, CRIMINAL RECORD? Ooops, I forgot. We have a senator who is in prison right now...he is still a senator. Does he still work or is he leaching off of our taxes while in prison?

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