Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moving Forward with Technology

Civilizations evolve using advancements in technology. Ancient civilizations were established and destroyed depending on their level of development. Technologies as simple as a pulley have turned into a contraption widely used by towering buildings, an elevator because human beings have the continuous need to evolve. With this insatiable thirst for evolution, world leaders such as the Japanese government are prompted to fund researches for technological advancements even outside of their country.

In the past, there was a need to fund expeditions to compete with neighboring countries. However in the present, governments around the world are putting focus on technological advancements. With the growing focus of the world to create new technologies, the Philippines is lagging behind. In the last decade alone, a number of Filipino inventors were forced to sell their rights to foreigners because of the lack of support and funding by the local government. Inventions and innovations such as the water-run engine would have helped our county get noticed by the global community and probably bring investors in the country, but the government chose to let it slip.

It’s about time for our government to notice our need to advance in terms of technology. The Philippine Air Force has helicopters that could belong to museums in the United States. Our trains are hand-me-downs from first world countries such as Japan and South Korea. With the global recession, our engineers and other computer literate population are now returning to the Philippines. Why not take advantage of the situation by employing those people to research and develop new technologies? This could give the Philippines a fighting chance to level with first world countries such as Japan and the United States of America.